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What's in your current denim rotation?

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I saw that we had a post on this earlier, maybe six months ago?

I wanted to see how much things had changed for people of late.

Current rotation is:

Uniqlo greenline
5EP bootcut
5EP straight
OLA dry

I like my denim to stay dark so I'm wearing each jean about once a week.
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year old dry ola
SSDS 3months
ola dark wear (was a gift)
Cane 45's
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Thin Finn dry stretch. I've been wearing them everyday for about a month.
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Nudie Thin Finn dry black
Nudie Thin Finn dry indigo
April 77 sinner
Julian Red dry cali
Levis 514 dark wash

Levis 1966 big E
Nudie Reg Ralf
Glory 1955 selvage
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samurai s5000bk sugarcane sc40400n eternal 811
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Levi's 501 STF Crate James IV I don't really wear the Levi's..I'm in love with the Crates
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2 pairs of RRL slim bootcuts (looking for a Japanese repro that will have a 34+ inseam after shrinkage)
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RRDS RRGC 1947 LVC 501xx 45rpm Sorahiko Rag & Bone RB6b Rag & Bone RB14 RRL Slim Fit Evisu EU Edition Vintage 501xx Vintage APC Standard Will be in rotation soon: APC NS (second pair, first one is too big) Helmut Lang Classic in Raw 1997 vintage (been looking for this one for a while)
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Regular rotation:
APC Cure
RRL Slim
Nudie Slim Jim Dry Black

Occasional: 5EP Low Down Boot
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Samurai S5000BK that I wear to work
APC new standards that I wear everywhere else
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samurai s5000vx
pure blue japan xx-005
sugarcane sc41947n
apc ns
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RRDS (for the days I feel more rock and roll - I wear these loose and really low, like the guy in the Nudie fit guide, except that I am a skinnier dude)
5EP raw bootcuts (for my classic days, these are relaxed on me, but not really loose)
JohnBull SC007 - um, today. For days I really feel like showing off my belt. And feel like slim jeans.
APC NS - my beat around jeans - my APC NS get the bulk of the heavy work I do.
Soon - Nudie SSDS - I'll wear these more fitted than my RRDS, but otherwise, same type of feel.
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APC NS Denime 66 black Levis 514 Levis Red slim/straight
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Nudie RRDS, APC NC, ES Hutch
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RB6 / Nudie Baggy Bjorn
Looking to add some SugarCanes or RRDS to it.
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