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Beautiful watches. I thought it couldn't be done in that price range, but you have proven me wrong and have inspired me to start one of my own
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Thanks for posting some really beautiful watches.

EBay aside, can anyone offer any good recommendations on where to find similar watches? I need a "Buying and Selling" forum for vintage watches.
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I don't own a watch but I do love the vintage look of the Omega semasters and some of the other one's posted on here. How do you know they are authentic when purchased through websites/ebay?

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Late to the party here. There's some absolutely gorgeous stuff here--in much better condition than the stuff I'm seeing on ebay. Do you guys take it in/clean it up after purchase, etc? Or wait for the ones in excellent condition?
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great story..

"Omega Seamaster De Ville automatic, gold bezel on steel monocoque case, ca. 1960. Used to be my grandfather's, until he took it in to a shop for repair. The shopkeeper proceeded to tell him that nothing could be done, offered to throw it away for him, and sold him a Timex. He left the watch there. I heard about it a couple of weeks later, drove down to the shop with smoke coming out of my ears, and found the watch, repaired and nicely cleaned up, in the shop's glass counter. I asked to try it on, explained the situation to the man, and told him I would be leaving with the watch. He locked the door and threatened to call the police. I then volunteered to stay and explain the situation to the law, the press and the local chamber of commerce. After an uncomfortable silence, he unlocked the door, and I left."

whats the name of the store??....perhaps you can prevent other people from making the same mistake with this shop
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love all these seamasters..
can anyone recommend a reputable shop in London to purchase such a fine piece?..
there are many dealers, but i do not know which ones are the most trustworth..
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bumping an old thread....

Hey Lucky S....how big is that Omega Seamaster De Ville? Its in great shape!
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Woow! great watches here I do not own a watch but to be honest there is a real deal here that can easily lure me. For the prices I again say that this is a real deal. Just wondering where to get them from London, anyone with an idea?

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