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Recently got mine from Germanicos "GBR" and definitely not Asian as u "suggest". I had several fittings at all stages of construction, not sure why u suggest things if you have no clue?

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Originally Posted by BenjiRob View Post

Recently got mine from Germanicos "GBR" and definitely not Asian as u "suggest". I had several fittings at all stages of construction, not sure why u suggest things if you have no clue?

So where is their work room - or more like factory?
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Originally they sent their orders to an Asian factory, but someone claims it's now Portugal. I saw on their website a couple years ago the mention of the Asian factory, but I can't verify the Portugal claim. Either way, they don't make things themselves onsite, that's for sure.

Benji, you're only getting MTM with Germanico's as well, despite their claims to bespoke. And the price they're charging, you could easily fly to another Australian city that actually does have bespoke tailors in greater numbers. No excuse there.
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If you went to "About us" page on the website you can see some information about Portugal : http://www.tailor.com.au/about-germanicos-tailors


In regards to my suit, they done a "toile" fitting with me out of calico fabric. They took my measurements, then made a toile, then adjusted the toile 3 times before they went to stitch the suit. Which again I tried at stages without the sleeves and all was done in their head office in Melbourne. I had a lady patternmaker make the toile and the master tailor Nick do the subsequent fittings. GBR maybe you should go and see their shop in Melbourne and notice that there is pattern tables and several sewing machines and a hive of activity. All this was happening over a 4 week period, there was no chance to send overseas.


I got mine in the Platinum range, which they advised was made in Melbourne, if you choose from the lower range end bronze and Silver they will stitch overseas in Portugal, however they will still finish the suits in Australia and have subsequent fitings. Of course the $990-$1500 suits wil not be stitched here, just do the simple math with Australian wages and it is not possible, but they do not hide the fact, and if you go their top offering they will make here.


Trust me I have had MTM before and the feeling of this suit made from Amazing Dormeuil fabric is by far the best and I have seen it with my own eyes and also the end result is better than expected. It is also full floating canvas not fused.


I find it strange how you say words "they dont make things onsite that's for sure", when I have been through the process and had it done and you haven't. If you had done a little more research before commenting you will notice even the Portugese links on their site, which you obviously haven't.

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You had fittings done onsite. You didn't make the outfit, so you don't know where it's made, only where they tell you it's made, or where the website says so. If it's Portugal, then fine. But it's MTM, no matter which way you cut it, shill.
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Benji: If this is the quality from their Bespoke Range...


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

All images taken from their website. 

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I guess the proof is in the pudding. Can you can produce a fit pic?

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Can someone please explain the difference between a MTM & bespoke suit?
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Put simply...made to measure (MTM) is where they take your measurements and then alter a pre-existing pattern to match your measurements, often then sending those away to an offshore factory. You may have a fitting or two, though be aware...many places that offer MTM are not true tailors. Some are, many are not, and the results will vary accordingly.

With bespoke, a fresh pattern is drafted based directly on your measurements, posture, shape etc. You are often measured by the one who drafts and/or cuts your pattern and the suit is often (though not always) made onsite by true tailors. You go through multiple fittings to get a precise fit and to get your measurement profile/pattern precisely nailed down.
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Well I think I'm sold, will make an appointment with germanicos in the new year. Will post back with some feedback.
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Appointment made with Sam from the Perth office,
Sam is a pattern maker and have been assured will be a true bespoke suit...excited!
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Shane you made a good choice, I am sure you will be impressed and look great in your first bespoke suit with Germanicos. I've had it done with them, it definitely is bespoke contrary to what our librarian friend who has never been in their workroom, or had a suit from there assumes.


Im not sure how Sam is I dealt with a guy called Chris when I was in Perth.

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Have you been in their workroom, shill?
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John from the Melbourne said that Chris was a new addition to the team here in Perth.
I haven't been to their workroom yet.
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Looking at the email I received, Sam still plays a part here in Perth.
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