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I’m hoping to get a chance to go back Monday. Thanks for the list of things to try, I’ll have to pick and choose as it takes a while, and I don’t think I can taste 6+ teas in a single sitting.


I had their Master Lou Long Jing in 2011 when I did a huge tasting of many different Long Jing. My friend like that best, I rated it 2nd best out of maybe a dozen. My favorite was by Hojo’s Shi Feng Long Jing. I heard that was a bad year, so who know how valid any conclusion is. Postcard Teas is notably less expensive as well (not that it is cheap).

Postcard definitely spans the value spectrum as their blends are very good for the money and the rarer teas can get up there.


If you want a good tea as a gift I tried their Lemon Pekoe and was very impressed. Even occasional tea drinkers love it. If you tell the staff you are only there for a few days they are pretty accommodating and may do a few teas for you. I used to sit there for hours after grad school and chat about tea with them. The usual staff are Tim (the owner), Jonathan and Alex. 


I had the chance to try a few of their Long Jings by Master Lou. It's actually surprising how different the flavors are within the range of teas that he produces. I'll give the Hojo's a try for sure.