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First navy blue suit, feedback needed

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Been trolling the forums for awhile finally got around posting. As this suit is already done im here to see what should or should not have been done the next time i plan to commission a suit. This was made with the help of members on a Malaysian forum, many thanks to those who commented i am currently studying at Melbourne Aus, but the suit was made in Malaysia before i left #cloth : Holland and sherry Dark navy blue , 12oz, s120 *Single breasted *2 button *4 sleeve buttons *Swapable buttons *notch lapels *Double vets *Half lining *pick stitching *surgeon cuffs Fit pictures Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Detail shots Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
As i am new this being my first i did not do enough research on the pants, i only told the tailor i wanted them *slim* if im not wrong they are non-pleated, belt loops, no side adjusters. Comments and criticisms are welcomed PS: As one can see that the links on the buttons need to be redone,can anyone suggest a tailor in the Melbourne CBD area that can resew them for me?
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Most of those pictures aren't showing. I only saw the first fit picture and then a close-up of the button holes. The fit looks decent to me. I like the jacket, very classic. Shoulders look good. There's something "long" going on with the suit, but I think it's the right length. Maybe just an obsessive thing.

I would not consider those pants slim fit, however. I'm not sure I can tell what's going on with the break, but they're not flattering to your thighs and waist. A sleeker pair of pants would give you more height and complement the jacket nicely. Also, your tie is too wide. You look young, go a little narrower.

The button hole doesn't give the appearance of the best of quality to me, but seems functional.

Otherwise, very good work and I'm sure you're enjoying Melbourne!
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im still very much clueless about pants, ill try posting direct links for the images and see if they show. That was the only tie color i had that compliment the suit, bought it years ago when i was much younger.
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Switched image providers do tell if they still dont show
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Originally Posted by SirGrotius View Post
Also, your tie is too wide. You look young, go a little narrower.!
I can see the pics. Agree with all the above, you can keep that tie, just tie a cleaner knot--power style.
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Maybe it's just the angle of the picture without your coat, but it looks like you are wearing your pants way too low; way, way too low.
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^^ I thought that too but I think it's just the angle of the shot. Great fit overall.
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Nice suit! (pull up your pants)
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Originally Posted by rcoreytaylor View Post
(pull up your pants)


Looks like they are below your hips even.
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Originally Posted by Towers View Post

Looks like they are below your hips even.

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Love the minimalist decorating you've got going on there.

The pictures do not show enough contrast to get a good visual
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It's too dark to give much input - and I'm terrible at taking photos of myself so I sympathize.

From what I can see, the pants do look like they are sitting too low.

I'm sure you know this but swap out those gold buttons before wearing the jacket and pants together!
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Unless you plan on keeping the jacket on at all times.. they pants are low.. the cut is very fitting... nicely constructed suit.
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Thanks all the for comments, seems that the pants are getting alot of attentions. I think i did wear them a little low. I would like some critic on what i might convey to the tailor next time i were to bespoke a part of trousers. As in what are the main characteristics of a fine bespoked pair. The brass buttons are for with jeans and casual shirt
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Looks nice ... jacket is very nice. I have to echo that it seems that you are wearing your trouser way too low (gangsta style) ... but that might be due to taking a picture in the mirror and therby messing up angles.

Not sure about the brass buttons...but hey it is your thing
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