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I just looked on Yoox. Notice the zipper on this cardigan

(hope that link works). My sweater is similar but with a blue like "handle" for the zipper.

Also, I snooped on the Borrelli site. Notice the following zipper

which is also a 1/4 zip supposedly from the same 06 collection. Again a different zipper pull.

Seems fishy, but this dude has fairly good feedback 99+% on 300+ transactions???
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SALVIO_S is the devil.

One, he screwed me out of 300 bucks. Two, and I can't be certain of this, his goods are fake.

Remida05 is a good guy.
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Anyone have an opinion on these Borrelli ties? Think they could be fakes?
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Originally Posted by remida05 View Post
hello for all the classic and high style fan!
i'm remida05, the ebay seller that uses to sell many brands,as kiton,cucinelli,borrelli etc.,
i feel i have to say to you, that are always so fair with me,that you have absolutely do not worry about the items you buy from me, i'm very honest and i never can sell fake items to people that,as me, love to dress these wonderful brands.
all my items are absolutely original, coming directly from these factories that produce the brands i mention above.
i'm doing a new website,called, and i want reassure to all the usa customers that all is 100%geniune, i buy directly. morever my father has a shop since 20 years and i take some stuff from him.
about all other seller i can not guarantee for people i do not know, but i can say that the brands you say are not so high demand like gucci or vuitton, so i never have seen fake ones,and neither i have searched for them. but i guess china producers are more interested about not niche brands, and in italy nothing fake is produced since when china conquered all international market of fake items, and i have to say that in tialy the production of fake items is always been very low or not existent.
this is because all factory use to work for made in italy production, that is higher profit job.
thanks a lot and please feel always free to ask me all details you like, i'll be glad to help you for anything!
greetings from italy!

Welcome to StyleForum Giovanni. Perhaps you will consider posting some items for sale here in the forum so that we may buy directly from you.
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Hi Giovanni, One thing I would like to see with your photos -- when you take a photo of pants / jeans / shorts, could you unfold them and lay them out flat so it is easier to see the cut?
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Giovanni (remida05) is a very very quality seller and a nice guy. Hi Giovanni!!

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Remida05 is for real. I have had many dealings and always very pleased, products as presented and shipped timely. Giovanni is a gentleman and a pleasure to do business with.
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I had a nice Barba shirt from remida05 a few weeks back, so nice I ordered another which should be here in a few days.
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bought a very nice pair of Kiton shoes from Giovanni some time ago. Transaction was smooth like silk...he is stand up gentleman!
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I got some Kiton trousers from remida05 and they were swell. Also, had a great experience with some Kiton shirts from Robysal.
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Signore edmorelio is very good.

Fabulous deals on Incotex, Isaia, Valentini, Borrelli, and other brands too.

Not sure if they are knock-offs though he sure has many satisfied customers
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never had a good experience wither buying or selling to italy.
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As an italian buyer I have to say that online trading with Italy suffers of two main problems, the first being the unreliable postal system which forces to have everything shipped with tracking code and possibly insurance and the second being a large number of fakes ...
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Originally Posted by remida05 View Post
for pabloj...i use to ship by fedex,best courier worldwide, and lands in jfk nyc in 2 days, sometime i use poste registered parnership with us is slower but works, and you do not pay any custom duty because travels as a letter and is assumed low value.
i have sent 1200 items about to usa and all is always fine,very low% of problems and actually i do not remmber any lost package.
abput fakes i suggest you to avoid counterfeit brands, as gucci,versace,vuitton, it is easy you find fake, in italy ebay,and uk,germany... i use to sell some of these brands sometime, but of course are authentic;-))
anyway avoid these brands from sellers you do not know,may be imported fom china and then resold worldwide.
hope to be helpful!;-)))
thanks a lot!

Hello Giovanni, how are you my friend

Remida is a 100% legit seller and I have purchased wuite a few items from him and nothing has ever been lost although the down side to using FEDEX is that you will get hit with customs.
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Why does Giovanni remind me of Vaclav?
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