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Magic: The Gathering

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I suppose if we have a thread in which people admit to LARPing then this can't be too far off. Played a bit last weekend and I think I might be getting back into it. Anyone else?
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Well, if that's as close to tapping as you're going to get, then live and let live.
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Was there really a LARPing thread?

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played til i was about 17. pretty cool game, i always was a TCG playing nerd in my formative years. something i wouldn't mind playing every now and then but when does one get the time? it's in the same group as chess and poker, to me. things that i enjoy but never play.
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Many shops run regular Limited events that casual players can do reasonably well in without a huge time or money investment. I like Sealed the most - you and all the other players at the tournament get the same amount of boosters on the spot, as well as unlimited basic lands. Build the best deck you can in thirty minutes and see how well you do. Draft is also fun, but you'd need to spend more time researching the set and the metagame to not get crushed. As for constructed, the amount of time you'll need to invest really depends on how good/serious the players at your local shop are. In some places it's easy for casual players to do well in Friday Night Magic events, in others you will get crushed unless you've got a Tier 1 deck and do lots of homework. I think what sucked me back into magic was how much I enjoyed deck building. It's weird since I always used to play mono red aggro as my main, but there's a lot of fun to be had in building and winning with decks around silly themes and mostly impractical combos.
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Yu-Gi-Oh! is better.
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I remember in 6th grade it was all the rage. Some of my friends played it; I tried to get into it, but just couldn't. I think I just liked the bad ass paintings on the cards and that enticed me more to try and learn the game more than anything else.
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The pokemon equivalent was the shit to me. The time feels right for a mtg comeback
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Definitely so. I thought it would die out when I stopped (sometime in high school, several years ago) but now it seems like it's only gotten bigger. It helps that things considered nerd culture (comics, anime, video games, D&D, TCGs) are becoming somewhat less socially reviled.
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cna i play online? Dont need or want another hobby.
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There's an online form of Magic and another game called Duels of the Planeswalkers, but I don't know too much about them right now. I thought about picking up one of the online games but there's something appealing to me about having the actual cards in hand.
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Oh, that takes me back. I often get complimented on my English as a non-native speaker and I thank MTG - and computer games - for it. Used to play t1, was even a member at TMD and considered writing articles for SCG, at age 14. Quit around the time when they had that Asian block, think it was the one after Mirrodin block - which was cool. Mox, lotus, recall, fow, yawgwill, shit, tutor for tendrils.. gg?
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I used to have a blue/white deck that won a lot of local tournaments. I think I stopped playing when I was 15.
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