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Originally Posted by krischic View Post

can you provide proof? cause i don't see very many people in africa wearing knit caps. not to mention the quality of this cap is outstanding. and versace indeed does make beanies.

Africa is a huge continent, doubt there's much need for knitted beanies in Kenya. SA in the winter, people wear knit caps because it's cold. Many wear the things here as well in the winter, Versace, Dior, CK, D&G, Gucci, Chanel, Armani, LV, etc,.

If you know your beanie is real why are you posting in this thread, enquiring about it's authenticity? And then flaming anyone who thought it was fake?
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Originally Posted by FidelCashflow View Post

^ I thought the versace hat might be real - the giant printed logo is pretty over the top - but VJC is pretty over the top.

VJC is or was a Versace diffusion line wasn't it? Like many of these designer luxury fashion brands have a diffusion jeans or denim line, e.g. Armani Jeans. Often relying on heavy branding rather than real quality. The sort of thing that Hermes Man loves, and is willing to pay a lot of money just for the brand and logo.

Versace may have discontinued the VJC line, but I still see lot of it here, often misspelled as well.
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Originally Posted by FlaneurNYC View Post

This looks authentic. And as Mike comments, nobody is knocking off vintage Mugler. I think it's probably early '90s, though.

yeah i couldn't tell if it was 80's or 90's. it has rather large shoulder pads though, which is why i put it in the 90's. but thank you! :)

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Originally Posted by FidelCashflow View Post

Not sure if it's fake or real - but based on the cut of the lapel and the shoulders as previously pointed out - this suit jacket is really old and it shows. Not worth it.

if you were talking about my mugler jacket, it's in near mint condition excepting the label. the photos however for some reason make it look more worn than it actually is. but thanks for your comments.

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i'll admit the photos don't do it justice. the jacket is in really great condition though. near mint, and a deep dark blue. these photos yellow it and make it seem more beat up than it actually is. with of course the exception being the label.

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thanks! i knew it was either 80's or 90's. at first i thought 90's myself, but after i put the garment on i noticed that it has these huge oversized shoulder pads. which is why i though possibly 80's. thanks for your comments though!

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i think in terms of vintage i guess it just depends on who you ask. i see vintage 70's and 80's concert tee's going for hundreds in places like urban outfitters and thrift stores down town. so. i guess it's neither here nor-there. i think this is a run way jacket though, seeing as how it's styled with the spiked buttons going up the side. very haute couture, which means it's not "redy-to-wear" high end. making it more rare.  it's special to me though! and i got it for a steal. 30 bucks possibly 40! also i wouldn't say mugler is less "high end" for doing perfumes and cosmetics, chanel does both and their top line! also mugler's haute couture is, i know, much more expensive than his ready-to-wear. but thanks for the feed back, and sorry for the heated words

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Is this Armani Collezioni suit authentic?

Hi everyone.  I bought an Armani Collezioni suit today, and I wanted to see if anyone here can tell me whether the suit is authentic.  I have two other Collezioni suits, but both have tags that are white, not gray. Also, the suit in question was made in Bulgaria, not in Italy or Turkey where my other suits were made.


Any comments would be greatly appreciated!



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The obvious Collezioni fakes I've normally seen have the Emporio eagle logo plastered all over them. This one hasn't. Also Collezioni is a diffusion line, that could be made anywhere, Bulgaria, Turkey, China, etc.
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The three Armani collezioni sports coats I own all have a white tag which also says "Made in Italy". Maybe try calling an Armani store to see if they also come in gray.
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Thank you for your replies.

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The label has a haphazard look to it - fake?
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Post a pic of the inner tag; inside the pocket.
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That writing/stitching looks very sketchy. Seems off. Can you post a picture of the inside fabric tag?

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Here are more pictures of the suit, including those of the inner tags.




The middle part of the tag is in Japanese. It says "dry naturally," and the "displayer[?]" (I have not come across this word before) is indicated as "Giorgio Armani Japan Ltd. Co."  I am fairly certain that Giorgio Armani Japan is a legitimate venture between G.A. S.p.A and a Japan department store.




I can't remember what the tag of authenticity on my other Collezioni suits looked like, but I seem to recall them being more simple looking than this.



Also, the inner patchwork does not appear as fuzzy as my first picture indicates; I guess I am not very good at taking photos. In fact, the fuzziness is due to the letters being stitched-in by means of vertically oriented embroideries.




If the suit is not authentic, I think that it is a very good imitation, mainly because the suit has a full canvas.
Thank you for your replies, and more are certainly welcomed!
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