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I thought of asking this in another active thread, but decided being rude and hijacking the OP's thread.

I recently purchased a Zegna Jacket from ebay for which I've included the label below. I made sure to note that the Tessuto Ermengildo Zegna label did not indicate it was made by Zegna, only with Zegna fabric, however the second label seemed to indicate other wise. I checked the type face and logo - both are accurate to what is on the Zegna website, though the logo is a more elaborate form than what they seem to normally use. I didn't bring it up because the jacket was a good price, arrived in excellent condition, fits well, looks good, and all of that. But still, since I'm thinking about it: Is this authentic? I can provide more pics if necessary, but from what I understand the rub will lie with this.

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I have seen a lot of Zegna and I have never seen the burgundy label before. I don't know why Zegna would bother to put a Tessuto label on their own suits. All the Zegna jackets that I have seen have an underarm shield where the sleeve meets the body. Yours doesn't seem to have that but it is hard to tell from the foto. IMO not authentic. A pic of the label inside the coat pocket would help confirm whether it is authentic.
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What he said. But pull the label out of the inside pocket. Put a pic of that up.
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Looks fake. Two very clashing labels: tesutto (made from Zegna cloth) + a Zegna label I have never seen before.
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I've never seen that label, but that thing looks so old that there's no telling. It is probably real and real old.
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that's some really sloppy stitching on the label...
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Originally Posted by rebel222 View Post
I've never seen that label, but that thing looks so old that there's no telling. It is probably real and real old.

The tessuto label doesn't.
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The off-center "Made in Italy" looks really questionable- never seen that before. But except for that detail, if I had to make a snap decision without seeing the rest of the jacket, I would also vote for real but really old.

Throw up some pics of the whole thing, and especially the label inside the interior pocket, and someone here will be able to tell you.

One other possibility is that it's a newer non-Zegna jacket legitimately made with Zegna cloth, but someone snagged a label off an old Zegna jacket and sewed it in to give it some added legitimacy as a "real" Zegna.
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It's definitely older. I don't have it in front of me, but here's the interior label from the listing:

Here's the picture of the whole thing, also from the listing:

And a close up (ibid):

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It's an old crappy Zegna.
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What's up in the top left corner of the inside tag? It sure doesn't look like any current tag. Jacket does look older.
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If it is Zegna, it must be ancient. The label does have Zegna's typical 'chattiness', i.e., lots of different fields. However, it is very strange that the fabric number is just another field somewhere in the middle. Usually, Zegna devotes a large space towards the bottom to specify the fabric of a garment. ETA: nm, I guess the "composizione tessuto" field could be that.
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^It doesn't. At the time I compared it against the tag of a zegna that was listed by a SF member. I don't remember what's there. I'll post that when I get home. It is older. The shoulders on it are pretty hard, and I've been thinking about having the shoulder pads replaced. However in person it looks, at least to me, to be very well constructed and the fabric is phenomenal. My wife's been into fashion (specifically lolita, and now sechuna) for quite a while now, and has an eye that I trust for quality construction. I gave it to her to look at and she agreed regarding the construction. The cut of it is almost perfect. The shoulders feel the slightest bit tighter, but when compared to my other jackets that seemed mostly from the pads. The lapels don't break when buttoned and it doesn't pull the center vent open in the back when it's buttoned. The sleeves, to me, have maybe a half inch too much on them. The only thing really making me think about alterations is the shoulders, but even those I could live with because they're not grotesque, and, while I'm sure this is not SF sanctioned, I like the variety it provides in my look. It's a little bit stronger, a little bit more brazen than most of my other stuff. I've thought about getting it, and some of my other stuff critiqued, but I am the worlds worst photographer, and to keep things from getting mauled by dogs, cat, and child when I get home, they come pretty much straight off upon arrival, so I don't get much time to have my wife take them. edit: I've thought about taking it to my clothier and having them tell me whether it's authentic or not, but that would probably be linked with me taking it in to get it altered.
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Looks like a zegna piece from the 70's
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Originally Posted by ALFAMALE View Post
Looks like a zegna piece from the 70's

And, anyone wearing it would look like they walked out of the 70's.
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