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It looks real and the seller has good feedback. Don't know what to make of the multiple listings but I have seen other sellers do it and they were legit.
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Retail price seems rather inflated for a Burberry London but the goods on pics looks genuine.
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My brother bought this Prada shoes.It's paid 240 euro (about 320 $)








They look fake for me

Is it possible that this original?


Help please..........

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Dsquared2 jacket - authentic?


I am glad that I found this forum, since I read so much about fakes moving around e-bay and I´m buying a Dsquaredjacket from e-bay which I hope is real.

The seller has good feedback 1500 and only 1 negative. He has taken new photos very quickly, but I asked some other seller on ebay, which sells a lot of Dsquared2 goods and he says it´s fake.

I hope someone in here is good in spotting fake Dsquared products, the only reference I have is the fake hunter blog

Please have a look


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Originally Posted by Ted Robles View Post

Kindly authenticate if my shoes are legit. Just bought this shoes in the net for USD 150.
I bought this used. Your help is highly appreciated. Thank you!

Fake or not - I think you got hosed at $150 for those used shoes.
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I recently purchased this item off ebay and want to know whether it is real or fake versace. The versace jeans logo does match with some other items, but it is also different from some other items. I have uploaded the pictures to the best of my abilities. 



Looks like the cheap fakes they sell on the streets of Pakistan - nothing like anything I've ever seen at a Versace boutique. That's a fake if I ever saw one.
Originally Posted by lvova2000 View Post

Hello everybody)
I desperately need your expert opinion. I have found this Z ZEGNA suit on Ebay. Is it fake Zegna?


Could you please advise what details would allow to realise whether this is an authentic suite or a fake?

Based on the tags, the trouser lining, the hanging tag, and the overall cut of the suit, that's an authentic Z Zegna.
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Forgot this thread existed
Originally Posted by staxringold View Post

This seller has just posted a host of supposed Armani ties but the label looks SUPER off to me. Is this bad boy (and the others like it) a fake?
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87% feedback
multiple sizes
istanbul turkey

you tell me
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

87% feedback
multiple sizes
istanbul turkey
you tell me





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i just wanted to know because the feed back has nothing to do with the authenticity of the items

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for this seller

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Seller never mentioned it was authentic either.

Spoo is Spot on !!
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Not to get off subject but would you really wear that if it was legit?
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