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yes but the question is if the jacket is authentic or not =) i got a down jacket, hoodies shirts tshirts and jeans from dsquared but no wool jacket like that and it looks real and nice to me. can maybe anybody else make a comment? thanks

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Originally Posted by prscustom View Post

yes but the question is if the jacket is authentic or not =) i got a down jacket, hoodies shirts tshirts and jeans from dsquared but no wool jacket like that and it looks real and nice to me. can maybe anybody else make a comment? thanks

It's already been suggested, I think you'd be better enquiring about that over in Street Wear & Denim(SW&D) rather than MC.

Myself, I don't know if Dsquared make wool jackets like that or not. But I do know that Dsquared is a heavily counterfeited brand and many fakes are sold on Ebay. If you have your doubts, don't touch it.
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Originally Posted by prada g View Post

Hello everyone smile.gif

this is my first post & i look forward to doing my part to contribute to the forum in the future. In the mean time, I have a question.

I would like for someone to confirm if the below shoes are real or fake. I recently purchased these 2 pair on ebay & I have my suspicions (& think both could be fake), but i would like anyone that is a prada aficionado to weigh in.

thanks in advance to anyone that can assist.



I've been a big fan of Prada sneakers and a owned few pairs over the years - a pair of Prada America's cup from 2003 when they were still made in Italy and 2 recent pairs from after they shifted to being made in Vietnam - all from Prada boutiques and authorized dealers. My gut reaction when I saw those are "fake as hell" - unfortunately 99% of Prada America's cup sneakers on eBay are fake. I buy/sell lots of stuff on eBay - but that's one thing I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole.

Just for education sake, I'll walk you through what's wrong with those pics and compare it to a pair I still have in the box from their NYC boutique.

YOUR SHOES (view from the back) - this looks NOTHING like a pair of Americas Cup's look see below for what they are supposed to look like:

Authentic pair from the back

The bottom of your insoles - this isn't what current Prada's look like (I checked 2 recent pairs) - but this is what the old ones from about 8 years ago looked like.

Authentic pair insoles

The tongue is all wrong - the red strip always extends to the end of the tongue - it's their signature style (see below)

Authentic pair

With regards to the second pair - pics 2 and 3 just scream fake to me - they look nothing like the styling of anything I've seen from Prada sport in the last decade. Frankly, it looks like a payless shoes design with a prada logo printed on the back (can't tell if the logo on the big is ink - but they never just stamped their logo like that.) Also that dark plastic stuff on the sole - that's not anything that any designer does - that's like something you see on Nike cross trainers for support - I think whoever cooked up this design just thought it looked cool and threw it in - but it's a dead giveaway.

In conclusion, I'm as positive as one can be by looking at pics on the internet that those are fake. Since the sole of the first pair reads made in Italy and they haven't been made in Italy for at least five years (now made in Vietnam) - I suspect this counterfeiter tried to copy the design in the early 2000's when these were a hot item - and has been faking them with the same design ever since. He got some of the details right, but many of them wrong.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news - hopefully you didn't pay too much for them.
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Originally Posted by FidelCashflow View Post

I've been a big fan of Prada's America's Cup Sneakers and had many pairs of the years - I took one look at those pics and my gut reaction was "fake as hell"

How can you actually tell? Inferior materials?

There's this "imported" pair sold by Neiman Marcus for a rather handsome price.

They look extremely similar to me, apart from the colours and styling. This why I posted earlier about possible unauthorised second-shift production, by the Asian sweat-shops that makes them for Prada.
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^ I posted a much more detailed comparison above for the sake of education - I'm on my 3rd pair of America's Cup shoes so I've spent enough time looking at them to spot the differences smile.gif

They have been impossible to find in Canada for many years now, so I was often tempted to just buy a pair off eBay - but I always got a bad feeling when I looked at those listings. One listings that actually had legit looking photos actually said "These fell off the back of a truck" mwink[1].gif
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Needs authenticiation regarding Salvatore Ferragamo shoes













Kindly authenticate if my shoes are legit. Just bought this shoes in the net for USD 150.

I bought this used. Your help is highly appreciated. Thank you!

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Fake Or Real Versace Jeans Couture?



I recently purchased this item off ebay and want to know whether it is real or fake versace. The versace jeans logo does match with some other items, but it is also different from some other items. I have uploaded the pictures to the best of my abilities. 












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Help authenticate my YSL T-Shirt

I recently purchased an Yves Saint Laurent logo t-shirt, from a YSL employee. I didn't however buy it at the store since they don't carry that shirt any longer. It was a shirt he had bought earlier this year that he was going to give as a gift but didn't end up giving it. It was still sealed in its plastic wrapping, with the tag attached. As far as I can tell (from having bought many designer t shirts in the past) it is great quality, with good stitching and the logo is velvet(or felt) and well attached to the shirt. I'm just very paranoid about things like this and want to make very sure that it is in fact real. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Do you know if the person who sold it to you really was a YSL employee, or did he just tell you that?
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I know because he is a friend of someone I know
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I don't care if it is real or fake, it should never be worn. This was probably a promotional item (think female models wearing them at a racetrack).

Any red blooded male would willingly castrate himself with a pair of rusty shears before wearing that.
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It's probably authentic.  The junior high girl across the street has the identical shirt.  lol8[1].gif

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What a dreadful looking thing.

You must have had sufficient confidence to buy it so why fret now - what are you going to do -treat him as a shop and demand your money back?

It is probably a promo item or worse.
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Fake Hugo Boss Jacket??

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