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Originally Posted by CrystalCrunch View Post
I am not up on the murder of the english language? what does that mean exactly?
What the flying fuck are you talking about? I edited my post to add more detail but at no point did it not make sense. "FTFY" = "Fixed that for you," if that's what you're referring to. Speaking of murdering the English language, your first sentence is incompatible with the question mark at its conclusion.
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Alright, its so simple. This shirt that I received it has NO rn number or a Style Number, So I think its a knock off. I am trying to find out why people say its authentic without a rn or a style number, does Etro not put a RN Number on their shirts (some)? See I dont get it, im returning it, if no one can give me a answer screw it.
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I have a half dozen Etro shirts and I don't know if any of them have serial numbers because I haven't looked. I am certain of their authenticity, and likewise members have assured you the shirt you posted is authentic as well. Screw the number, it's real, what more do you want? Do you expect someone to be able to tell you, "Oh, I saw that exact pattern at the SS08 sample sale, I recall it precisely, it was sold for $59.99 at 253 Avenue Mouton from 1pm to 3pm on March 8th, the serial number tag was removed on checkout to prevent returns to a B&M store"??? That's not going to happen. If there is no satisfactory answer, just return it. No matter how you slice it, this entire topic is ridiculous.
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It looks appropriately garish to be Etro to me.
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I don't think you can return an Ebay item because you havea sneaking suspicion it isn't authentic. This is not fair to the seller (and I am 99% a buyer).
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It's real....real ugly.
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Originally Posted by GoldenTribe View Post
You don't deserve a serious answer (again), frankly, but lots of brands have sample sales where irregular, defective, or past-season merchandise is sold at a lower price than typical retail.

I've never heard of an Etro sample sale but whether or not they exist, that is likely comparable to the provenance of this shirt IF IN FACT IT IS IRREGULAR. It could very well just be from a season when they didn't add other tags. Lots of ("most," even?) manufacturers are using different (and more) tags than they were just a few years ago. People have started to buy into the idea of luxury tags, luxury wrapping, luxury packaging as part and parcel with the quality of the garment itself.

You've been told it's authentic and that's supposedly all you really care about. Case closed, then.

+ 1, and then + 1, and then + 1 again.
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Dude, It's a used shirt. It could not have the tags because the original owner tore them out. Or, it could be missing the tags because it was a sample. Or an irregular item. How are we supposed to know this stuff? Also, this is really unimportant. And I'm changing the thread title to reflect this.
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I am just returning it, If I am ever uncertain about anything, I should not ask people so fuck it. I will not bring up any of this bullshit again.. but ya, I have bought everything authetnic except for this, if I have a doubt on it, I should just return it, My bad.... I am drunk as fuck btw.. later.
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has any one ever seeing a burberry trench with white label??

the seller says its vintage from the 70s, i googled but never seen a white label with navy or black(?) logo like this.

is it a fake? the top piece on the back seems a bit strange also...
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I am thinken of buying these together but I am wondering if they are authentic, its a versace shirt and dolce and gabanna jeans. Thanks guys.
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Dolce looks real, Versace is real.
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I got this for so incredibly cheap... So I honestly thought this was going to be a knock off, but I can't tell it looks pretty good... The only thing weird is a strange white thing around the toppp buttons, like the collar buttons on the inside, is that right?
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in so many fucking ways
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dont have to be a bitch

I Paid $10 for a ike behar if its actually authentic.. It is damn near mint condition. thats including shipping are you kidding.
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