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Pending when the exam is...(I can usually pick my time, and pick about an hour after lunch). [I've sat close to 10 exams this year ranging from 2, to 4 hours{am studying for my next one now}] Good nights sleep the night before (bit of cramming ). Cerial for breaky(wheatbix and muesli) + a cup of coffee VERY light lunch - IE just something for energy, but not over eating Has not let me down. The biggest tip I've gotten for exams is to listen to some relaxing music right before the exam....Winding up before the exam only causes anxiety, and general forgetful-ness which could/should be used in the exam as energy for memory. --Wade
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If it's a morning exam i'll get up early and have a big bowl of cereal with lots of milk, followed by an orange. If it's an afternoon exam i'll try to eat a 'medium' meal about an hour beforehand.

Nothing worse than getting hungry during an exam - you want to concentrate on the paper, not your rumbling stomach.
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If the exam is in the morning, I eat minimally. I'll go with a glass of water and then perhaps a muffin. I don't like feeling stuffed while doing an exam.

Yesterday I had an exam at 6:30 PM and just ate a 6 inches subway. That was it. A few beers after the exam to ease it out, and that was it.
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3 cigerettes, 10mg addarol, some odawalla Cmonster and a crunch bar. hasn't failed me yet
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Originally Posted by ratboycom
what Cliff Bars are you eating? I agree that some taste like ass, but I like the... Shit what kind is it, I think its Apple something, and Cranberry ones
Any Energy bars with Peanut Butter/Chocolate suck and taste like a mouth full of gritty ass (only exception is a few of the Snickers Marathon bars, specifically the ones I bought and later found out they were "Foritified for Women" spose it would explain why my nipples itch... Just kidding)

i've had them all. i just don't like the way they taste. some people do, and that's cool, too. the snickers obviously taste good, but .. it's snickers. it's still a candy bar. for ones that are "decent" quality-wise, lean body gold's are good, and rock 'n roll bars taste a lot like paydays. for the higher quality ones, power crunch is hard to beat, but it leaves a dry, gritty taste afterwards. just have to eat them with a lot of water. people are high on tri-o-plex but i think those are pretty bad too. once you get to a certain point you don't care about taste so much and just eat whatever's best (power crunch imo, but they lack the massive 30+g/protein most bars have. on the upside, the protein is whey instead of :gasp: soy). some nitro techs are supposed to taste good, but i'm still trying to find which one they're talking about. the ones i've had so far are pretty "chewy."

just make sure you're getting something worth having, you don't want to pay $3.00 or whatever for something that's just like a snickers or a milky way, and tastes "good" but not like the above. shakes are better for you anyway! bars are just slightly more convenient. but only slightly.
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Originally Posted by DucatiCole View Post
I eat 5 mg of ritalin before a test. (I'm not joking)
Better for studying the last few classes/day before a big test.... Test day it's all about relaxing and thinking clearly... you either know it or you don't... I usually go with chai/regular latte, warm milk drink as a comfort to relax. Test day I am already wide awake before I get coffee , no need for a giant cup of drip
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