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Eat/Drink before test?

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I just wanted to know what most of you eat or drink before a major test. I have MAJOR anxiety issues so I just wanted your dudes' input.
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Originally Posted by BubblyMasquerade
I just wanted to know what most of you eat or drink before a major test. I have MAJOR anxiety issues so I just wanted your dudes' input.

3 shots of tequila oughta take care of that anxiety.
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Personally I liked to be alert so I'd usually go with something like a starbucks latte type drink and some sort of pastry or muffin, but if you have anxiety issues caffeine might not be the best choice.
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They say you are supposed to eat. I never did (thinking of standardized tests), 8AM is way too early for a test as it is, getting up earlier than last minute to eat? Eh.
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One thing I thought of, if you have major anxiety issues one thing to do might be to not study the night before or something. This will force you to prepare beforehand so that you are ready. Then by not studying you can take your mind off of it and show up fresh and confident.
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An exam? If I do eat something, it's something mild that I know won't upset my stomach. Eggs and cheese does that for me, personally, so I don't have those if it's a morning/noon exam. And I wouldn't drink caffeine or alcohol, because it makes you need to go more. A reasonable amount of fruit juice or a smoothie for fresh-feeling energy helps. Dressing comfortably helps a lot. Worrying about how tight your raw jeans are in the crotch or how you'll need to lay down a bomb as soon as you can get out of the exam room should be the least of your concerns. Even momentary discomfort is undesirable. And I always get decent sleep the night before and a nice shower in the morning.
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Originally Posted by LA Guy
3 shots of tequila oughta take care of that anxiety.

Haha I would.. but I'm 6 years underage.
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fruit wasn't a bad idea, just depends on the length of the test. i.e. if it's 4 hours, the sugar in fruit may not be a good thing (sugar crashes, etc.) for any non-standardized test, 2 or so hours, i like to have fruit. otherwise, it's usually some form of complex carbs if possible to last throughout the length of the exam. good luck, let us know.
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Key to a good midterm/final: Get a 20oz bottle of coke, and drink or pour out 1/3 of the bottle. Fill the empty space with whiskey, and drink this during the exam. No matter how poorly you do, you'll walk out feeling great! But seriously, I'd suggest something you enjoy eating, and something that will fill you up (but not make you overly full/sick).
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best thing you can do is Cram a two days before, the day before the test do a 5 min speed review, no more than that. Get a good night's sleep, eat a healthy breakfast that will keep you going for a while, ie no sugar cereals go for fruit and oatmeal. Or buy some Cliff Bars and eat one of those before the test.
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i maintain that cliff bars taste like ass. just my opinion, but ... i'll pass. i love having a supplement store and having options oh, and don't try supplements (esp protein shakes/bars) before you test. they can have some digestion effects if your body isn't adapted. try it when you don't have anything important.
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I eat 5 mg of ritalin before a test. (I'm not joking)
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what Cliff Bars are you eating? I agree that some taste like ass, but I like the... Shit what kind is it, I think its Apple something, and Cranberry ones Any Energy bars with Peanut Butter/Chocolate suck and taste like a mouth full of gritty ass (only exception is a few of the Snickers Marathon bars, specifically the ones I bought and later found out they were "Foritified for Women" spose it would explain why my nipples itch... Just kidding)
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I just wrote a bitchin' exam today... eat a light meal before hand - nothing too heavy, it will just make you groggy. And if you get nauseous before hand, you don't want a lot of food in your gut to make you wanna throw it up.

I sometimes take a vitamin B capsule for the days preceeding an exam. Oh, and a glass of milk helps to soothe the nerves.

Avoid coffee or coke. Just makes you jittery, unless you're pretty much sleepwalking to your exam... then grab a coffee for sure.

BTW, wrong forum?
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My strategy has always been to drink enough (but not too much) coffee to be alert and awake, eat enough (but not too much) food to balance out the coffee and make sure my stomach won't kill me, and do it all far enough in advance that I won't be hungry during the test, but if my stomach does hurt from the food and/or coffee, it'll be over before the test starts.

Obviously the specifics of this strategy will depend pretty heavily on how your body reacts to various foods and amounts of coffee... but, that said, it really always does work quite well for me.

In general, I recommend eating something, anyway. Being distracted by hunger during a test is one of the worst distractions there is, in my opinion.
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