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DROP$ 5/16:Stewart $210, Brioni $285, Zegna, 1 Cash, Valentino Trench 52/42

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The last of the Stewarts! This is a dark brown jacket with a wonderful feel, substantial yet not stiff. I have worn this @ 25-30 times, but this jacket will last a lifetime. Timelessly simple design, again note the long single panels of perfectly matched leather- who else offers this quality at a reasonable price. I'm letting this one go cheap as I have used it, but it is really just acquiring that nice patina and broken in look one desires.


Shoulders 19in/50 cm, TOC 69cm/ 27.2in, Sleeves 63cm/24.8in, Pits 56cm/22in
Price $260-----$247---$234---$222 ---$210 + shipping

Extremely luxurious 100% finest cashmere Italian handknit sweaters. You may know that Italians have purchased many British labels and now some of the very best cashmere products sporting names like Drumohr, Lock, Ballantyne are made here in Italy. These sweaters are 4-ply thick and have a hand so out of this world, they almost feel moist- you probably will too, once you have your hands on one. I've tried to capture the gorgeous handwork in these beauties and hope something of the loft and luxury of the cashmere comes through on the photos. You really should not miss these if the size is you (38/48- 39/49). I sold Cucinelli, these are better.

Pale yellow cardigan with double zip, standup collar, rib-knitted cuffs and hem. Stupendous.
Total Length: 28.3 in/ 72 cm , BOC 26.2 in/ 66.5 cm
Pit to Pit: 22.4 in/ 57 cm
Sleeve Length: 26 in/ 66 cm (approx. sweater stretches)

Blue and white heather handknit ski-sweater. Stand-up collar, spectacular loft to this cashmere. An heirloom.
Length BOC: 25.5 in / 65 cm
Pit to Pit: 22.4 in/ 57 cm
Sleeve length: 26 in/ 66 cm
Price: $ 399--$379--$360--$342 -- $324-- $307 -- $291.60--$277---$263---$249---$236---$ 224---$ 212---$201 shipped

Gently worn (about twice or thrice) Brioni double-breasted in navy with subtle chalkstripes. Jacket has peaked lapels, dual vents, Brioni factory nonfunctioning sleeve buttons, 6 buttons- 2 to button -but nevah button that bottom button suh! Nice slim cut, cuts a rakish profile and the wool, my goodness Brioni has quality goods. Pants are double pleated and were hemmed for me at 79cm/ 31.1in with 1 inch to let out , waist is 33in with about 1 in to let out. I wore this suit to a wedding at a Palace known as "the little Versailles"- aucune merde !
Size 48/38 drop 6
shoulder to shoulder 46cm/18in; pit to pit 54cm/21.2in; length TOC 80cm/31.5in; sleeves 63cm/ 24.8in
Price: $350 ---$ 332.50--$315.85---$300---$285 + shipping

NWOT Zegna Hi-Tech micromiraculous parka. Keep out 21st century rain and wind the 22nd century way ! State of the art Zegna parka in basic grey, the successful techno-nerd's answer to a staid old Trencher. New 1st quality never worn. Size M.
Shoulder to Shoulder: 20.4 in/ 52 cm
Pit to Pit: 23.3 in/ 59 cm
Total length: 33.5 in/ 85 cm
PRICE: $339--$322--$305--$289.75--$275--$261 --$247.95-- $235.55--$ 223.77 --$ 211--$200 shipped

NWT Zegna jeans- new and unhemmed: jeans on left have 35in waist and are 99% cotton and 1% elastin, very cool colo(u)r and feel.
Jeans on right have 34 in waist are 100% cotton and a truer blue colo(u)r.
Price: $120 shipped

Selling some Valentino items for a large friend:

100% wool (light spring weight) Valentino trenchcoat in dark grey. Condition is Mint/Like New.
shoulders 52cm/20.5in, Pits 60cm/23.6in, TOC 118cm/ 46.5 in, Sleeves 66cm/26in

PRICE $400 shipped

Valentino 100% spring-weight wool Navy Blazer with Brass Buttons. Very lightly (if at all) worn by my Neapolitan Nabob. Condition 8.5-9/10. Size 52 shoulders: 50cm/19.7in, TOC: 80cm/31.5in, sleeve: 65cm/25.6in, pits 54cm/21.3in
Price: $220---$209 shipped

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3/14/2011 5% drop on leather bomber
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I can't see the pictures
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The bomber horsehide is a killer! I would be really tempted if that's a small size. Free bump for the awesome piece!
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3/15/2011 5% drop on Caruso cashmere
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3/16/2011 5 % drop on leaather bomber
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3/17/2011 5 % drop on Caruso cashmere sc
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Originally Posted by The Dude View Post

Don't hate! It's beautiful!
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well, I don't see the pics now but I got a peek before and that jacket is a beaut and great price.
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3/20/2011 5% drop on Caruso
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3/23/2011 5% drop on caruso
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3/26/2011 5% drop on BC jacket
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3/27/2011 5% drop on Caruso jacket
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3/28/2011 5% drop on Caruso
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