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Best dressed wannabe statesman? Definitely Arnold Schwarzennegger.  Never seen him in public in anything other than a beautifully tailored suit. I cringed when I saw somebody hit him with an egg and messed up his nice cream colored suit, however. Hope he knows a good dry cleaner. Kai
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Although he no longer counts as a "statesman", William Hague (the former leader of the Tory party) leaves Kofi and Blair for dead. I believe that his tailor is Henry Poole.
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Although he no longer counts as a "statesman", William Hague (the former leader of the Tory party) leaves Kofi and Blair for dead.
Actually, he used to demolish Blair during Question Time, too. *** I forgot to add the esteemed Mayor of San Francisco to the list, Willie Brown.
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I cringed when I saw somebody hit him with an egg
Do all American political figures have such amazing recovery time, I wonder? Arnie doesn't even break stride, and within an instant, his handlers have brushed off the egg and disposed of the jacket, leaving him in pre-rolled-up shirt sleeves - ready to identify with the common working man...
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gqelements, no offense meant.  All I'm saying is that there seems to be a disproportionate number of nouveau riche or nouveau rich wannabes from former Eastern Boc countries (my favorite is the tight Versace black t-shirt wearing guys and their too-much-makeup-wearing wives/girlfriends.)  I don't think that my observation that the outlet stores (Loehmann's Beverly Hils being a prime example) are on any given day filled with ill-dressed Russian speakers with an enthusiasm for designer fashion untempered by taste trolling for cut-rate Moschino is altogether unfounded.  I've been witness numerous scenes where one of these hold up an absolutely hideous jacket/shirt/pair of pants, and exclaims excitedly in Russian, with the punchline being "Gucci.  Gucci."
hey LA Guy I'm part Russian too and I have to admit that your comment is quite tight Versace T-shirt (and maybe also 5 years old Gucci belt) is Russian thing...then again, don't North Americans often dress ugly (and recognizable as well)? Granted, Russians are trying too hard, but at least they are trying...
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Sorry to dredge up an older topic, but check out the front page of today's (24 Sep) Financial Times. They're running pictures of Bush, Chirac, and Annan addressing the General Assembly yesterday. Annan takes the prize, again, with the peaked lapels and a great tie. The photos are wire (reuters) so you may be able to find them elsewhere.
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i saw the speeches on pbs yesterday, and yes, kofi looked by far the most elegant and stately. this may be heresy to some of you, but i think bush's suits are just too big on him. i've read that he is dressed by oxxford, custom jobs and so forth. but i've seen him without a jacket, and he has a rather smallish frame. seeing him dressed up in a baggy suit with big shoulders, he looks silly to me. also, that tie knot was way too small for the collar he chose to wear; very distracting. btw, kofi gave the best speech. he is a very intelligent, caring, and eloquent man. i'd vote for him for president regardless of where he's from.
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Best dressed stateswoman; definitely the great Anna Lindh. Unfortunately a raging maniac took her life before she had a chance to become more well known internationally. Her warm smile always completed any outfit she wore, her sense of of style among the otherwise boring Swedish politicans will be greatly missed.
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Yikes, this is old. But what about Arlen Specter? Not the best dressed man around, but certainly one of the best dressed politicians.

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Russian president..Brioni...
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