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Paraboot Sizing

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This is a pretty rinky-dink topic for a thread, but let me ask the question anyway: Can anyone tell me how sizing works out with Paraboot shoes? By this I mean, do they fit large? small? true to size? In other words, can we assume that a size 43 euro Paraboot shoe, for example, will be larger, smaller, or about the same size as other size 43 shoes?
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The Paraboot shoes I have (Avignon model, rubber soled), purchased in France, are sized with U.K. sizes. There is only one width, which I find to be wider than the North American average, although the dress shoes (leather soles) which I tried were not quite as wide. I take a North American "C" width, so I sized down one full size, but am most comfortable if I wear thick socks when I wear them.

I have never seen anything other than U.K. sizes marked on Paraboots. Perhaps it would be best to check the vendor to see if he is extrapolating a "Continental" size from what is marked on the shoes.
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I have several pair of Paraboots. I typically wear a 9.5D US. I have P'boots in both 8.5F and 8F (UK sizing). The 8.5s are pretty comfortable (with the Avignon (split toe) in 8.5a tad big. The 8 (double monk) is a tad snug but wearable. FWIW I wear a 9 in Zegna couture, a 9.5 in Pliner and JM, a 42 in Taryn Rose, and 9.5 in new balance, nike, and merrell athletic shoes. For some odd reason, I can never find a pair of AE that are comfortable
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