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AE Colton's Styling?

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What are people's opinion on these. Are the stout and boring. The picture give the impression that they might be a little sleeker than you would think.

Anyone have these care to give their impression.

(good deal here for 7D's and 9D's btw)
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They are a little clunky. Also, the pairs I've seen have had a lot of shop wear, making me think they ding easily. As far as boring, I think classic is probably better. But sleek they are not.

AE must have closed out this style - I've seen them on deep discount at Filene's Basement and DSW in NYC. I'd see if you could buy them there, as it may be cheaper, but I guess Zappos has free shipping. STP also has them in a few sizes. 15% off if you click through "support the forum" above.
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i agree. the colton i have myself and although i enjoy wearing them very much, they are a bit on the clunky side and are not sleek or sleeker, the word does not go near it.

the shape of the toe and the way it curves a little inward is one of the most unsleek designs i have for shoes. but i like it , maybe because i have a variety of toe shapes and sleekness levels amongst all my shoes and the colton fills in nicely at one end of the spectrum.

one of the things i did notice, is the chestnut color although nice when by itself, when i put it on my feet the chestnut color tends to be a little boring. so that is why i colored mine multicolored.
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I ordered a pair and sent them back. I had fit issues, but I also found them a bit clunky.
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A-E closed out this style almost a year ago.

I got a pair in August and darkened them a bit with brown and merlot polish. I like 'em.

I like their looks. The #0 last they are built on is certainly more sleek than the #1 last of the Lexington, which they replaced in the A-E line.

Unless a shoe is ridiculously "blobby," I don't concern myself too much with issues of sleekness. Most A-E lace-ups look good to me. A lot of elongated, chisel-toe lasts just look a tad on the effete side to me.
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Look a lot like my Sanford which I love.
The reason I like AE is because they are not sleek. I'm a big guy skinny shoes look long and silly on my feet at least I think.
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If you want to see a clunky AE, take a look at the old Lexington. The Colton is a Ferrari by comparison.
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Let me clarify that I'm not an AE hater. I own several pairs and consider them among my most-comfortable shoes. Some of the new shoes are tempting too--I like the Bristols and the new monk straps. but the Coltons didn't do anything for me. I wear wide shoes, which did that model no favors.
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Originally Posted by JLibourel
A lot of elongated, chisel-toe lasts just look a tad on the effete side to me.

As a fellow AE fan, allow me to say that I think this is nothing short of a fabulous statement.
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