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May I? Happy for someone to take issue...

Same suit, blue shirt, pin dot.

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Got it, thanks for feed back and simple guidelines.  Still playing catch up on all these threads. Guess my world wasn't as CBD as I thought it was.  


Cleav, I've seen some of your posts and always looking sharp.  So would that tie really fall into CBD? Is that a grenadine or Garza type tie?  That's where I'm also getting tripped up looking at others posts.  I don't have anything of that texture in my wardrobe.  Only smooth silk ties, no cashmere ones either.  Never thought (or knew) they were for business.  But it looks sharp on your outfit. I wear an outfit like your second pic with the charcoal suit blue shirt and black pin dot(if that's what you would call it).   But no pocket squares... again I thought they fall outside of conservative. 


great sight though...and thanks again for feedback.

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@iceman45cal, don't forget to check out this one: http://www.styleforum.net/t/379713/italian-cbd

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thanks Elioda.  as if I wasn't confused enough. But I do have a lot of vowels in my name and from New Jersey, so maybe this gives me some more wiggle room.

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Fantastic looks in both bengal stripe and solid shirt. Just curious what is the make of the suit. Canali?
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May I? Happy for someone to take issue...

Same suit, blue shirt, pin dot.

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Thanks MTL appreciate that. Not a Canali that one, it's a Flannels
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Thanks for feedback. 
I have  leeway in terms of really conservative.  I'm used to only wearing white broadcloth shirts with 1 or 2 patterns either in suit and or tie (my customers are surgeons, most who dress pretty bad, but I report to senior VPs who are very conservative).   Occasionally I would do a lavender shirt with purple tie with a solid gray suit on a little more casual day, or blue shirt blue tie combos.  Trying to mess with adding more patterns and colors based on info from site. 
Contrast can be your friend, try mixing up the shirt and tie colours a bit.

Lavender shirts are a bit 2009 though.
So here is a real departure for me mixing orange and blue suits.  I posted this one in the ask a question forum and only got 1 response. Both shirts are lavender, the second shirt is lavender on lavender stripe... first suit is blue micro dot pattern (the really common canali suit) the second suit has a faint maroon stripe window pane type effect and has a cashmere feel) both suits look solid navy at 10 feet.   thoughts?  I figure  a pale blue solid shirt would be better looking and more CBD, but wondering if this works to mix it up a little.   Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Ergo, ditch those ties. Browse the WAYWN threads for some inspiration. To be blunt, they look like you bought them from KMart.
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:-(  people always liked my ties... but I see on this forum I fell into the classic American trap of loud bright ties as accent pieces.  I have been out acquiring much more conservative ties the past month as a result of this site.  most of my old ones were valentino, Kiton, brioni, zegna...very bright.. but no... not kmart.  thanks for feedback though.  I like my lavender shirts, are they really out of style...even for WAYWRN...

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x-post from WAYWRN and maybe my only ever appearance in this thread...


PRL navy blue pinstripe suit, Conrad Wu PoW, CT texture stripe white shirt, white cotton square (+navy socks, C&J black captoes). Apologies for bike helmet hair. 



robopose and detail (Click to show)
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