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What is the average you spend on a suit?

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Just curious thanks.
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Wait for sales and pay as little as possible.
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^ True, true.

Seriously, I'm not going to give dollar amounts. Sometimes I buy outlet, sometimes I buy sales, sometimes I buy eBay, sometimes I buy MTM, sometimes I buy bespoke. So it varies. I prefer to look for fun, interesting items rather than sticking to a precise figure. If I feel I'm splurging too much in one month, I'll cut back the next. It sort of works out.
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It depends on what I'm looking at.
I'll pay more if I can try it on, and then that depends on the customization needed for a good fit.
If I'm not able to try it on (ebay), then the amount I'm willing to risk drops from there depending on make and style and seller's reputation.
That amount also depends on circumstances - "how much to I have to spend?", as well as - "when will I wear this?", and "am I anticipating an upcoming need for this garment?"
In other words, I'm flexible, but want to buy (and pay) as little as possible.
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Originally Posted by kitonbrioni
Wait for sales and pay as little as possible.

Yes !!!
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All of my recent suits have been from WW Chan, so I'm paying just south of $1,000 on average for a two-piece suit.
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To answer the OP's question: average is $500 for me, with a std deviation of +/- $200
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OTR, no more than $1000 and it will be on sale. Bespoke, well that's just a whole different story.
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When I would wear suits more regularly (and had less income) and before I found this forum, typical suit was MTM $750-1000. Given all the options that I've learned about on this forum, I couldn't see myself spending more than $800-900 now, tops.
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About $30

Tailoring is sometimes rather more, of course. But sometimes not.

The closet holds higher end Zegna, Chester Barrie, CB for RLPL, and some vintage NY and London bespoke.

If I needed to wear a suit or even a sportcoat for business, I would go about this much more seriously and perhaps may a lot more.
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average about 650-700, no more than 800
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recently purchased my first post-SF suits from STP. $670 for an Isaia and $540 for a Belvest. i don't see myself spending more than that unless i decide to go bespoke.

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Average is $700-800. Range is between $400 and $1000.
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MTM: $1,200 for a Samuelsohn suit, and $1,000 for a Samuelsohn blazer RTW Suit: $600 on sale for a Samuelsohn or Hickey-Freeman. RTW Blazer: $795 - wife bought me a beautiful Samuelsohn for Christmas four years ago. Three years ago I found a H-F at Symm's for under $300. It cost me $100 to have it altered which included resetting a sleeve-head. I think those days of the $300 fully-canvassed suit are gone; at least here in the southeast.
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EUR 1300-1500 (that is, USD1700-2000, aprox.). That is what my tailor at El Corte Inglés charges me for what is alleged to be "bespoke". (I do not know if he is worth the money, I guess I should post some photos and ask for opinions and advice). That is also what I recently paid for a Zegna MTM odd jacket+trousers (choosing a "cashco" cloth, which is not one of the high end Zegna cloths).
True, my intention is to by not more than two suits per year, that is, one per season. This is due to the combined effect of a limited clothing budget and a small flat (and also with a bit of an "anti-conspicuous consumption" attitude that I acquired when I was young and poor and a bit on the hippy side...).
The nice thing about only buying one suit per season is the emotion you get out of carefully considering different options and finally going for the one you really like. (My problem this autumn was that there were two options that I really liked; I am thinking about making an exception and allowing myself two sets this season).
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