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$46/CONUS:c. 44 Hand-tailored, Full Canvassed Samuelsohn for Harry Rosen Tweed Jacket

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IVY/TRAD JACKETS GALORE--PLUS MORE! NB: I have consolidated my jackets and suits threads into this one, and added more jackets, including a FREE Harris tweed! I've dropped the price on at least one jacket from each thread that has been consolidated here--including jackets from the "original" thread into which the others were placed--to pay for this de facto "bump". As always, all prices include boxed shipping in CONUS with delivery confirmation; International inquiries are very welcome, with shipping at cost. OFFERS ARE VERY WELCOME ON EVERYTHING--INCLUDING LOWBALLS! Please PM with interest and offers!
SOLE REMAINING JACKET! 13) Lovely and Rare Hand-tailored Samuelsohn for Harry Rosen This is an absolutely beautiful jacket! The cloth is simply wonderful, and my pictures really don't do it justice--please do look carefully at the cuff close-up to see the very, very subtle blue lines that combine with the vertical autumnal reds to offer a very lovely and subtle overcheck! This jacket is wonderfully cut and hand-tailored in Montreal by Samuelsohn for Harry Rosen, "Canada's leading quality menswear retailer". This jacket is fully lined and fully canvassed, and it's obvious even at first glance that it's been beautifully constructed. It has a single vent, and was, like the Nordstrom/Zegna, above, worn very sparingly, if at all. It's in absolutely excellent condition. Information about Samuelsohn can be found here: This is an absolute steal at asking just $80 > 75 > 70 > 65 > 60 > 55 > 52 > 49 > 46, or offer. Tagged a 46T, but this is optimistic; please see Measurements: Chest: 22 Sleeve: 26 3/4 Shoulder: 18 7/8 Length: 32 1) BEAUTIFUL Goldenwheat & cream herringbone 3/2 sack tweed with all the trad desiderata! Canvassed SOLD This jacket is absolutely lovely, and perfect for cooler Spring days! It's a beautiful goldenwheat/cream herrngbone in a 3/2 sack cut, made for Miller & Rhoads, the trad-friendly Virginia department store than "brought Santa to Richmond". It has the desirable two-button cuffs, is half-lined, and almost certainly fully canvassed--at the very least it's half-canvassed. I suspect fully, though, both because it passes the pinch test at the lowest button, and also because it has all of the hallmarks of a very expensive jacket including a single hook vent, lapped seams throughout. It also has very natural shoulders and lovely narrow lapels. It's in excellent condition. Plus, it's in a desirable smaller size--so grab this while you have the chance! Measurements: Chest: 20 3/4 Sleeve: 23 (+3 1/4) Shoulder: 17 1/2 Length: 29 1/4 2) Classic H. Freeman of Philadelphia suit Canvassed SOLD This is absolutely wonderful! H. Freeman--not to be confused with Hickey-Freeman--have recently been discussed in a thread on AAAC, where the consensus among the tailors was that this firm makes suits that are on a par with the best American tailoring, including Oxxford--and this suit bears this view out in spades. It's a beautiful, conservative dark grey glen plaid with overchecks on very subtle and blended dark blue and dark red. As such, it'll pass muster in both the most conservative of office environments, and the most sartorially aware! Naturally, it's fully canvassed and fully lined with a center vent, and was Made in the USA. The trousers are cuffed with a pleated front. This suit is in absolutely excellent condition, except for two pinprick holes--possibly literally pinpricks--on the front of the trousers, and two (much larger than those on the trousers, but still very, very tiny) in the lining by the "Made in USA" tag (all shown). This are so small they would not need re-weaving, but could be repaired by a competent seamstress or tailor--even a dry-cleaner alterations person--by darning. Normally, I wouldn't recommend this for suiting, but these holes are very small, the fabric is very dark, and they don't cross any colour boundaries, so if this were mine this would be the route I'd take--especially since they'd be hidden anyway by your jacket. This suit, by the way, is from Schaffer's of Trenton. Now, when you hear "Trenton" you might think of urban blight, welfare, and a city that's ill-managed and failing by every yardstick. But it didn't used to be that way... In fact, Trenton used to be the place you aspired to live if you were from Princeton, Pennington, Frenchtown, or any of the other surrounding bucolic Ivy towns that are now a trad's natural home. Einstein was naturalized at a house in Trenton, Olmsted laid out its park, and it was the site of the rout of the Hessians by Washington on Christmas Day. As such, it used to be more of a trad Mecca than Princeton, with Schaffer's being its Langrock, and Jack's Custom Shop being its Hilton. So, a lovely suit, from a great--and defunct--retailer! Given the flaw, though, I'm asking just $55 > 52 > 50 > 47 > 44 > 41 > 39, or offer, for this beautiful example of American tailoring! This is, I think around about a 37R/S (leaning towards the S), but please see: Measurements: Chest: 20 Sleeve: 22 1/4 (+2 1/4) Shoulder: 18 1/2 Length: 29 Waist (laid flat): 17 Inseam: 28 7/8 (+1 1/8) Cuff: 1 3/8 Pinholes in trousers: 3) Triply Trad! Harris Tweed! Eagle Clothes! Made in the USA! Canvassed SOLD Eagle are one of the lovely Ivy brands, and so it's a shame that a lot of their things are now made offshore. But this lovely jacket wasn't, being Made in the USA! And it's lovely. A terrific basketweave in brown, cream, and blue, this Harris Tweed is half-canvassed and fully lined in Eagle's signature lining. It has a single vent, and lovely football leather-covered buttons. It's in absolutely excellent condition, with the only tiny flaw being a very small dent in one of the cuff buttons--the others even lack patina! I was very, very tempted to keep this, but it's just a bit to short for me... Measurements: Chest: 21 1/4 Sleeve: 25 1/2 (+2 1/8) Shoulder: 18 1/2 Length: 31 4) Pendleton Jacket with three patch pockets in Macduff tartan SOLD With St Patrick's Day, Burn's night, and the NYC Tartan Week all occurring early in the year, tartan isn't just for Fall and Winter anymore! This is a Made in the USA Pendleton "shirt jacket" in Macduff tartan--the sort that Pendleton terms the "Topsman". It has three patch pockets, rolls naturally to a 3/2 sack cut, and has the classic Pendleton single-button cuff fasteners. It's lined with a single layer of cloth across the shoulders, and is unvented. Please note that my pictures are terrible--I simply couldn't capture this tartan at all! But, it's Macduff, and so much more muted than the pictures make it appear. It's in excellent condition. Tagged a "M", but please see Measurements: Chest: 20 1/2 Sleeve: 25 1/2 Length: 30 1/2 Shoulder: 18 1/5 5) Classic herringbone Harris Tweed with subtle striping. Canvassed SOLD If you recognise the tweed of this jacket, it's because you've seen it before--I've been using it as the backdrop tweed for many of my tie pictues, as it's a lovely, classic herringone that's both highly versatile and also very distinctive, having subtle vertical stripes of blue, orange, and dusty pink running through it. I'm tempted to keep this as it's such a great tweed, but I have so many jackets it's time for it to find a new home! This jacket is fully lined and half-canvassed. It has a single center vent, and was Made in the USA. It's in excellent condition--the two front pockets are still sewn shut, so it was worn very sparingly, if at all! Measurements: Chest: 21 Sleeve: 25 7/8 (+ 1 3/4) Length: 31 1/2 Shoulder: 18 1/2 6) Gieves & Hawkes of No. 1 Savile Row wool/silk jacket Canvassed SOLD This is a beautiful Spring jacket! In a lovely Spring-coloured glen plaid, this is the "Henry" model of Gieves & Hawkes RTW jackets. It's half-canvassed and fully lined. It's beautifully cut, subtly darted--as one would expect from the Row--and has a single vent. It's in absolutely excellent condition (the top breast pocket is still sewn shut!), and was Union made in the USA. Tagged a 41L, but please see: Measurements: Chest: 22 1/4 Sleeve: 26 1/2 (+>1) Shoulder: 19 Length: 32 7) DAKS of London pale yellow jacket with THREE patch pockets! Canvassed SOLD This lovely pale yellow jacket in a blazer cut is great for Spring! From DAKS of London, this has three patch pockets, including the ever-desirable patch breast pocket. It has DAKS' signature lining with the Union jack woven into it, and DAKS signature buttons. It's fully canvassed, fully lined, and has a single center vent. There's no fabric content listed, but I believe that it's a lightweight wool, or wool-cotton blend--probably the former. It does has a fray at the bottom of the lining, and two almost microscopic dark marks on the front, which are very, very hard to find. As such, this is in Very Good/Excellent condition. Measurements: Chest: 21 1/4 Sleeve: 25 1/4 (+ 2 1/2) Shoulder: 18 Length: 31 8) LL Bean navy blue Tropic Weight blazer SOLD A decent casual jacket from Bean, this has a standard two-button front with darts. It's quarter lined at the shoulders in cotton, and has a single--and hook!--vent. It's in versatile navy, and is in excellent condition. Tagged a 40R, but please see Measurements: Chest: 20 3/4 Sleeve: 25 1/2 Shoulder: 19 Length: 31 1/4 9) B. Altman Camelhair in glen plaid. Canvassed SOLD This is a great jacket from the legendary, and now defunct, trad/Ivy store B. Altman, of Fifth Avenue, New York City--the store that long had a reputation for "gentility and conservatism," according to the New York Times article published about the store on Christmas Day near the end of its life. This jacket was one of the last to leave B. Altma's doors (it closed in 1989), and so owing both to this, the conservative, classic styling of B. Altman goods, and its absolutely excellent condition, this jacket could pass easily as having been bought last week from a newly-resurrected Altman's. This jacket is fully lined and half-canvassed with a single vent. It's made from beautiful, soft camelhair, and--unusually for camelhair--is in absolutely excellent condition. This jacket is a testament to how well well-made menswear can last in excellent condition when it's well taken care of. Measurements: Chest: 20 3/4 Sleeve: 24 1/4 (+3) Shoulder: 18 Length: 30 10) Brooks Brothers 3/2 sack with patch pockets !! Canvassed SOLD This is a beautiful jacket! It's a lovely glen plaid in three season wool in the classic 3/2 sack configuration. It also has lovely patch pockets, a half-lining, a single vent, and is half-canvassed. It also has the classic Ivy two button cuff. It's also in beautiful condition, EXCEPT for two flaws: There's a snag hole on one sleeve, and the left hand cuff needs tacking down. The latter flaw is very minor, and could take anyone just two minutes to fix perfectly. The former flaw, though, while not very noticeable 9and small enough to be ignored!), could possibly be fixed by competent darning, and certainly by re-reweaving. Luckily, darning IS an option here, as the hole is ONLY on the dark stripe of the glen plaid. But, is is there, and so this jacket, while in beautiful condition, could be yours for much less than I have in it! Tagged a 43L, but see Measurements: Chest: 21 1/2 Sleeve: 25 (+2) Shoulder: 18 1/4 Length: 31 1/2 11) Classic Harris Tweed by Wallach's Canvassed SOLD This is a lovely classic dark brown herringbone Harris Tweed shot through with vertical lines of blue, and flecked with occasional threads of green and red. (The colourway is much richer than my pictures show!) Made in the USA for the now-defunct trad. store Wallach's, this is half-lined and half-canvassed with a single vent. This jacket needs a good press as it's rumpled from storage, and so is currently only in Very Good condition. But a press will bring it up to Excellent condition--and you'll press and dry-clean a jacket like this when you receive it anyway, right? Measurements: Chest: 22 Sleeve: 22 3/4 (+3) Shoulder: 18 5/8 Length: 29 1/2 12) BEAUTIFUL Spring jacket from Zegna cloth! Canvassed SOLD This jacket is beautiful, and perfect for Spring! Beautifully cut from Ermenegildo Zegna cloth woven in Italy (where else?) this jacket is half-canvassed and fully lined. The cloth is wonderful--a terrific mid- lght-navy with a gorgeous overcheck in cream, complementary lighter blue, and russet. The jacket is subtly darted, has a standard two-button front, and a single vent. It was Made in Canada for John Nordstrom. It's in absolutely excellent condition, and was clearly worn very, very sparingly, if at all. As such, this is an absolute steal at Tagged a 40R, but please see Measurements: Chest: 20 3/4 Sleeve: 24 1/2 (+2) Shoulder: 19 Length: 32 14) FREE! Hearty Harris tweed in basketweave. Claimed! This is a terrific jacket! It's a very hearty Harris tweed in classic and complex brown, grey, cream and black basketweave. This is the sort of tweed that earned Harris its reputation for beauty and hasrdiness! It's half-canvassed, and half-lined; the lining was a professional replacement of its original lining at some point in its life. Made for Holt Renfrew, it has a center vent and traditional football buttons; it has four button cuffs. Unfortunately, this jacket has several snags and minor snag-holes from past encounters with barbed wire (I've done enough beagling, hunt-following, and beating to recognise wire snags when I see them, so this isn't moth by any means!), as shown. These could be readily repaired by darning, and wouldn't show owing to the complexity of the tweed. Alternatively, tweed of this weight could just be left with the snags intact--my preferred approach--as it's so densely woven and heavy that there's close to no chance of then catching and ripping before you can extract yourself from the snag. This would be a great casual weekend jacket, oozing WASP-y nonchalance! However, because of the snags, I'm offering this jacket FREE--just send me $12 by PayPal Personal to cover the cost of boxed Priority shipping in CONUS! FREE! Measurements: Chest: 21 Sleeve: 23 1/4 (+2 1/2) Shoulder: 18 1/2 Length: 29 1/4
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Updates, and price drop on 2!
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Jacket Threads consolidated, price drops on three jackets (one from each consolidated thread) as indicated. SEVERAL MORE JACKETS COMING SOON--including Zegna, Samuelsohn, and a FREE Harris Tweed!
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Zegna, Samuelsohn, FREE Harris tweed added!
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Updates, and price drop on 13.
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Price drops on 2 and 7!
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I wear a 38L (163lb. 6ft, slim build) would any of these things fit me?
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^^ You have a PM, Luke!

Updates, and price drop on 13!
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Updates, and price drop on tartan
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price drop on 13!
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Shame I missed a few of those sold ones, nice list though.
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Price drops on DAKS and Freeman suit!
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PM sent for #5 and #7.
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Updates, and price drop on 4!
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PM on 4
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