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French connection sweaters

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I'm on the hunt for some slim-fitting sweaters, and I see that Bluefly has a selection from French Connection that seem to fit the bill. Those who wear (or have seen) FCUK stuff, am I correct in thinking the sweaters are cut slim? What's the quality like? Thanks...
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They are pretty slim. Not Dior Homme slim, but not Hickey-Freeman forgiving either. They are not great quality - think Banana Republic - but they are trendy, and really meant to be worn for years anyway.
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French Connection is basically in the JCREW, Banana Republic, category. I scouted the prices on Bluefly and I would not pay $45-$60 for FCUK sweaters, although in store FCUK products are priced at bit higher than BR. As for the cut, yes it is a bit slimmer than BR (but BR cuts are so generous). Their pants are also cut smaller than BR. I would say to hold out for something higher quality at that price point. If you scout around $60 can get you a pretty decent sweater. In all honesty, I would not pay more than $30 for a FCUK sweater.
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Nick, do you guys have an FCUK down under? Sale prices are usually around those that you can find on Bluefly. I don't know what kind of department stores you have there, either, but the Carson Pirie Scott and Marshall Fields by me have some FCUK stuff on sale all the time. On a similar note, do you guys have an H&M? We just got one in Chicago.
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