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Blazer/sportcoat question

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I'm a college student, so I have a lot of casual wear. And I have a small assortment of suits thanks to my parents. My problem, though, is that I don't have that much in between what I consider casual (jeans and polo) and semi-formal (suit). Lately, I've been finding myself at functions and events where a suit seems too formal and a dress shirt and khakis is too casual. So I've come to the conclusion that I need some kind of sportcoat or blazer. I was thinking I would get myself one of those navy ones with the gold buttons (like the classic Brooks Brothers one). While I detested this look for years, it seems to be less objectionable to me now, especially since I have so many pairs of tan khakis and dress slacks. Since I can only get one jacket, I am looking to find the color/style that can be worn the most. It seems as if the classic navy blazer is probably the most versatile so far as matching with pants and shirts goes. I would really appreciate any input you guys have to offer so far as picking up a nice, affordable, and versatile jacket. Thanks.
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Here's some good advice: "I'm going to be controversial here, and tell you that the only sportcoat you really need is a solid black.  Black matches all the items in your wardrobe, looks great for evening wear, and goes well with jeans." The Men's Clothing Guide by Steve Brinkman Available on this forum under topic title "Special Discount."
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mistahlee, i was going to say the same thing. i personally can't stand those navy bazers with gold buttons. if you want versatility, black is the way to go. also, make sure it has double vents. btw, you can wear a suit casually. it depends on what kind of shirt you wear, your shoes, etc...
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I know that suits can be worn casually, as I have worn them casually in the past (no tie, top button unbuttoned look). I spend most of my time (when I'm not at school) either in Palm Beach, NY, or DC. In NY or DC, I could get away with having only a solid black sportcoat. However, in Palm Beach - and even sometimes in DC - the blue blazer with gold buttons is almost required at certain social events. I used to have them as a little kid, but I figured as I grew up, I could get away with just suits. It seems I was wrong. So I probably will get a black sportcoat. However, assuming that for whatever reason I do need one of those blue ones, who makes a quality one that won't cost me $800 (like Hickey Freeman)?
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I actually use one of my black (actually dark charcoal-grey) suit jackets as something of a sport jacket, in that I wear it separately from its pants. It's just a bit loose, and full on the chest, so it's quite comfortable for such, despite being a suit jacket.
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I've got two blazers: one is a casual number with horn buttons, and the other is more formal: it has gold buttons with my University's crest on them. I only really wear the latter to garden parties and similar functions, and never without a tie (it would look too Alan Partridge - I would counsel against wearing a black blazer with taupe trousers.
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However, in Palm Beach - and even sometimes in DC - the blue blazer with gold buttons is almost required at certain social events.  
don't be a conformist. if you choose to get a navy blue blazer, get it because you like the way it looks on you, not because other people you socialize with wear them. this is incredibly cliquish, and unless you are fifteen, very immature of you. then again, if i were fifty and owned a yacht, i'd get one of those blazers too.
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