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What's the difference between the Toronto Maple Leafs and a triangle? A triangle has three points.
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^ damn
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Hey, the Wild only have four. Five straight road losses, outscored 20-10, and both wins are come-from-behind/overtime wins. I think the new system will take a little time to get ironed out.

Meanwhile, Gaborik is healthy as a fucking ox....
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Originally Posted by JD_May View Post
What's the difference between the Toronto Maple Leafs and a triangle?

That makes me want to cry. ~ 58 million dollars worth of hockey contracts and we can't even beat a 2D geometric shape.
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Well at least MLSE was able to prevent Balsillie from moving a team to Hamilton. Consequently you have exactly 1 more point than Hamilton does. So feel free to celebrate: you're very narrowly beating a team that doesn't exist.
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you're all haters =(
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No, we're mourners.
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There were some brutal hits this week. Tucker, Booth etc... I don't like seeing stretchers on the ice.
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I don't either, but these guys just have to keep their heads up.

And the Wild finally won!!!! Weeeeeehaaaawwwww!
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heads up? man , the post of the hit above was a total blindside. No way he could have avoided that.
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It wasn't from the side, it was from an angle. He most certainly could have seen it coming, but the last couple of paces he had his head down. Can't do that in hockey at any level.
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For the love of Pete. Will the Wild get their act together???

And don't get me started on Gabby.....
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Damnit. I have both Kovalchuck and Booth in my pool
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Toews hit was totally clean. The biggest piss-off was that they jumped Mitchell afterwards for what was not in the least a dirty play, and the idiot refs blew the whistle, while Sedin and Edler were 2 on 0. If you want to essentially cheat, and jump a guy for a clean hit, you should have to take what comes from that, namely a goal... the refs boned that play. Luckily we won the game anyway but at the time I was fucking incensed. Teacher Gaborik left the game last night with 8 minutes left after falling into Lundqvist so the dream might finally be over after what, 10 games? It's bound to happen sooner or later, either way. If you do want to see a Canuck hit that WASN'T clean, look no further.
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