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^ Their clock is ticking... after this season both Kane and Towes will be RFA and I don't see how they're gonna be able to re-sign both.
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Originally Posted by Vashin View Post
KenN: That's why they are playoff contenders... not cup contenders. They have a good chance to make the playoffs, but that's about their limit at this point. btw they were 10th in scoring last year... it was their goaltending that killed the leafs. Hopefully toskala will rebound or gustavsson will be NHL ready.

Ryoneo: hey we beat you guys twice so far in the pre-season... and we're tougher too. Philly-Toronto games will be so very fun to watch. check out the penalty summary:

I had no idea Jason Allison was still playing.
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haha he's not really playing, he's trying out for the team. He probably won't make it since center is pretty deep for the leafs.
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4 great games on deck for tonight, here's to the new season!

I am especially pumped for tomorrow's NYR vs. Pens game.
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omg. I can't believe I'm getting the Caps-Bruins game tonight (er, this afternoon)!
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Van + Cal should be fun. I'm not really worried about the Leafs. Watch list - Penguins, Phil, Detroit, Calgary, Ducks I'm on the bubble with SJ, they choke so hard but I think with Heatley they can't go wrong. (SJ is better than Van IMO even before Heatley but choke choke choke)
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GO LEAFS GO, will be AWESOME game since it's VS the habs...

Leafs are not even close to competing for the cup + you're in the west so you will only see the leafs a few times during the year...

The sharks will always do well in the regular season... the key is that they have marleau on the second line which should help a lot. Vancouver actually has a really solid team and luongo really wants to avenge that lost with the blackhawks.

Philly, Boston, pittsburhg, washington will all be good in the east. CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON TO START
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Originally Posted by Viktri View Post
(SJ is better than Van IMO even before Heatley but choke choke choke)

SJ is quite a bit better than Van offensively.
Van is quite a bit better (and much deeper) than SJ defensively.
Teams are about even when it comes to toughness / grit.
Van is better than SJ in net, but Nabokov isn't too shabby.
SJ's good players are choke artists. Van's star goalie choked in his last playoff appearance.

I think we'll have to actually let the season play out to see who's better.
post #759 of 1368 I made a new thread for this season, so post in it!
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What's wrong with this thread?
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Originally Posted by JD_May View Post
What's wrong with this thread?

its 3 years old and getting full. I thought it would be nice to have one for each season....
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Gets a late go-ahead goal with all the momentum... only to let the Habs claw their way back, tie it up and go into OT...

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But they got a point, which is a Habs fail. Leafs fans should be happy... if they can keep up this pace, they'll actually get 82 points, which is more than some people expect out of them with Toskala in net. What a terrible goaltender.
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Wow, we're getting rocked. Just terrible by pretty much everyone. I can't pick out anyone who's standing out in a positive way.
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AO picking right up where he left off, 2G 1A tonight. Man is an absolute beast.
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