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Plus he got some great young prospects and future picks in return for Pronger.
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I was taking that into account, but yes. It's a question of whether they draft as well after Burke as they did before he got there.
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Someone in Buffalo or Edmonton PLEASE tell me that Ales Kotalik is worth 3 million a he a power play specialist? At 30 years old, and 3 mill a season, this looks like Sather being Sather...
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Kotalik looked like he WOULD be worth 3 million a year when he started in Buffalo. We have since discovered that no, he is not. Potential that never materialized. You could hold out hope that he might be a late bloomer!
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one hell of a slap shot on Kotalik. He can be used well on the PP at the point, and he's pretty strong on the puck. Overall, solid 3rd or 4th liner, but I think he's worth $2M a year. Perhaps $3M only if he is with the right line mates who can set him up for a good shot.
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Please delete.
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Suspended Fleury eyes comeback at 41!!!!

Awesome, he was one of my favorite players to watch. I hope he knows what he's doing.
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I love a guy who keeps a box of porn and Cubans in his locker...
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Originally Posted by ryoneo View Post
I hope he knows what he's doing.
When has he ever?
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Originally Posted by JD_May View Post
When has he ever?

True, but that's why he was so fun to follow and watch.
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I loved watching Theo Fleury with the Rangers. A shame with how it ended, I hope he can be picked up by a team so I can see him play again.
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Busy day for canucks.

Trade two mediocre prospects for Christian Erhoff and Brad Lukowich

Sign Matheiu Schneider

Over the cap, there's gotta be another trade coming down.
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^And we once again have one of the deepest blue lines in the league. Go Gillis. I would expect one of those Sharks to head out, or maybe Bieksa. They only need to clear 2 mil. The Schneider signing was very cheap. Moreover the Luongo signing was reported as having been finalized a few days ago. This looks like a pretty solid defense for the moment, though, doesn't it? Bieksa Mitchel Schneider Edler Salo Erhoff O'Brien
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LUONGO RE-SIGNS! 12 year deal, cap hit at $5.3 million. Awesome deal. I doubt he'll play out all 12; the last 3 years are about 1.2 mil a pop and he'll be 39 by then. Biggest signing of the off-season? Quite possibly. Now to trade Schneider and dump a bit of salary along with him... we currently have 8 starting D-men, and Pavol Demitra is eating up cap space.
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Great on that Luongo deal. I wish the Flyers could get a long term goalie
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