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Originally Posted by jgold47 View Post
Hey I picked pens in 6 and I live in Detroit. Detroit is so good, but they are also very very beatable. They are their own worst enemy, and for whatever reason, their style of offense, and Pittsburgh style of defense (save for game 5) seems to have problems. as much as it PAINS me to say this, if it wasn't for Osgood, I think this series was over a long time ago. I don't really feel like Detroit outplayed Pittsburgh in the first 2 games despite the score.

Agreed, go pens.
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Go wings motherfuckers. At game 7 now.
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Awesome first period. What I'm noticing is that the Staal line (and Kennedy in particular) are the biggest threat the Pens have right now, with Malkin's like a somewhat distant 2nd. Their top line is being dominated by Zetterberg/Datsyuk. They will have a tough time winning without Crosby making an impact 5 on 5.
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Z and Datsyuk shut everyone down. They are ridiculous on and off the puck. Fleury is making some awesome saves. Anyones game.
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The Penguins look hungry; they're being very aggressive. Detroit doesn't seem as lively as they've been in this series. EDIT: Osgood doesn't look like himself, especially.
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Huge goal! Go Pens.
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Who would've thought it would be the PENGUINS depth that would decide the series? I'd give them an 80% chance at this point. Z/D have been great for the wings, but that'll only take you so far against a full team game being played by the other side. Crosby likely out for the game... if this does end up in OT that would be a big problem.
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Penguins will be full value for the win. I can't watch this anymore.
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This game depresses me so far...
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Oh dear God.

I'm not watching the game but I just saw the score. What happened to Crosby?
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^^ Took a knock from Franzen and had his knee pinned against the boards (should have been an interference call)
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Crossbar. 2:05 left. Wow.
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Originally Posted by Hard2Fit View Post
Crossbar. 2:05 left. Wow.
My heart skipped a few beats...
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Huge dive by Fleury at the end there. Congrats Pens.
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