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he has played well, but the rangers had no firepower,and against the pens he has given up 5 goals in 2 games so far, which isnt exactly amazing. But without him, there is no way they would be in the second round
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gfy. (don't rain on my parade)
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Varly has to work on his rebound control. Since game 2 that has been his main problem.
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I'm usually not one to complain about officiating but this game is way out of hand.
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They Cant Take This From Us!
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I call BS.
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Ah Fack!
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Malkin played a great game... Ovie looked off.. and Varmalov could only hold it together for so long. Still 2-1...
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good game, reffing was ehhh, but ive seen worse. Go pens
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I am not a Pens fan or a Crosby fan... but Pittsburgh looked absolutely terrible in the first period with one major exception: Crosby carried them on his back, every time he got the puck he was taking on 2 guys and beating them, making big plays out of nothing. He had no support. Then in the 2nd the third and fourth lines for the Pens woke up, and from then on they took over (Kennedy and Staal in particular caused a number of offensive zone turnovers in the 2nd, and obviously Fedotenko got the goal). That's real leadership by a captain, and it's the one thing Ovechkin doesn't have that Crosby does. Ovy can charge up his team by doing ridiculous things and beating 3 guys at a time, but I have never seen him take a team that was playing poorly and lead them by example and by work ethic. Not by being a great hockey player, but by having enough pure will to just keep going no matter what, when no one else is helping. I doubted Crosby as a captain before but now I don't. He put them in a position to win, then Malkin basically won them the game, as it looked like he could pretty much do anything he wanted with the puck once the Caps were on their heels. The Carolina game was just as good, I was flipping back and forth and Eric Staal is an absolute beast. Killing a penalty he came on, took the puck and the Bruins didn't touch it again for 20-25 seconds. Cole had a great game as well. Carolina got a lot of secondary support too though, not just on the OT goal but Cullen's line was going to the net a lot and forced a lot of offensive zone faceoffs. Tonight was a really great night to watch hockey.
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Tonight was a really great night to watch hockey.

Sounds like it. I missed all of it.
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lol @ Balsillie totally kicking Bettman in the nuts with the offer to buy Phoenix.
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