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Ice Hockey

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How many of you are hockey fans? Have you ever gone to an NHL game? What is your opinion on the sport?

Being from Canada, it's my favourite sport
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Originally Posted by Stazy
How many of you are hockey fans? Have you ever gone to an NHL game? What is your opinion on the sport? Being from Canada, it's my favourite sport
I played for about 20 years. Played in Canada a couple of times (Montreal - La Quatre Glace?). Got kind of tired of playing but still follow it a bit. I think it is a fast and powerful sport. For some reason it doesn't have a strong following in the U.S.. I don't think people realize what it's like to play / how intense it is from watching it on tv. You really have to see it in person and / or play it to really appreciate it. (I still have all of my teeth by the way )
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I too am a hockey fan. My favorite variety is college hockey, but I've come to enjoy the "new" NHL. It is a great game.
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One thing I hate (and have hated about hockey for the past several years) is how they have eliminated fighting from the game. Starting about 10 years ago, I noticed that anytime there was a "scuffle" or fight, the networks would cut right to a commercial. They've been trying to eliminate fighting for some time and I think it's unfortunate.
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I guess its the american channels that'll cut to commercials during the fights? Hockey fan here, especially being in Vancouver. Gotta support the Canucks! Two hugely exciting past 2 games with the Canucks tying it up after being down in the 3rd, and then winning in OT. Especially the Blues game our guy on D wristed it straight into the net with 0.8 seconds left in OT. The #1 thing I hate about the 'New NHL' is Shoot-outs. Edit: Speaking of fights, check out this one with Gino Odjick:
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As a native Montrealer, I am a loyal Habs fan, though I live in Toronto (and hate the loser leafs) and don't watch television anymore. I usually go to a pub to watch playoff games. I used to play as a kid and later in pickup leagues in college but was never that good. (We used to rent ice time at les Quatres Glaces a long time ago, I think it's in the South shore of Montreal). I still go skating once in a while and now that my son turned four, I will start taking him to the rink this winter to teach him to skate.

It's a great sport to play and one of the most enjoyable to watch. Unfortunately, aside from the Northeast and parts of the Midwest, it can never develop a sufficient following in the US market because the infrastructure required to play indoors is simply to costly. It's a winter sport and can never thrive in places where it's not cold enough to play outside in the winter.
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I love to watch hockey.

I played intramural 'D' league in college (read: tripod hockey), which was great fun even though we all sucked eggs.

Having moved around the country too much, I don't have loyalty to any one team, although the Sharks are local to me now and I was rooting for them to make it this past season.

One of the big problems with the 'new' NHL seems to be the inconsistency of the refereeing, at least during the Cup it was like that. Seems like there was way too much 'politics' involved.
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I'm a fan. Flyers fan. So I'm a little, uh, unhappy right now. I go to the games when they come to DC--way easier to get tix than to a flyers home game. Plus, Ovechkin is fun to watch.
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Wow... it's rough to see that there aren't more hockey fans in here. But here is my feeble attempt to revive this thread. I love hockey and I played it in college. I still play at a high level in adult leagues and play roller hockey once a week with friends. Favorite team is the Flyers and right now they fucking suck...Anyone else care to show some love for hockey?
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Some love for the game (and the Flyers) here... I've been feeling the itch to get back on the ice; it's been a few months since I played last.
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^^ where do u play and for whom?? if you dont mind me asking.
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New York Islanders die hard fan here!!
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Played my whole life. Coached college club hockey for the past 5 years but that's on the back burner now that I'm in grad school.
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I was in Canada last weekend and the music selected to replace the Hockey Night in Canada theme was pretty disappointing.

I hope a few heads rolled at the CBC for that fiasco.

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Originally Posted by TheGreek View Post
New York Islanders die hard fan here!!

Dear god, but they are doing better than the flyers.... they ever going to start dipietro? and richard park is one of the most underrated players in hockey.
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