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Originally Posted by NefariousSabatour View Post

Who cares how well it's made when it looks like shit.
You got hosed, no one cares if it's well made or not because it's awful looking.

Nefarious, this forum is a wonderful opportunity for you to practice a little more diplomacy and gentlemanliness. We like to give newcomers some slack, so it was unnecessary to outrightly attack Magician Shaun. Your comments could stand a little finesse. The Thread title did, in fact read, 'Cole haan: quality or no?' Others have already addressed this specific question.

Magician Shaun, by the nature of your questions, you are stating that you are learning, so it would be of greater value to you to browse our many shoe threads to understand what is stylish and what is not. In the nicest possible way, I will state that the shoes you posted, while being of reasonable quality, severely lack in asthetics and would be considered a fail on this forum. It is ok that you are making mistakes. This is part of your learning curve. Lurk and Learn on the forum for awhile, and you'll see why those shoes you just purchased are not garnering you any favour. You could wear them for fun if you insist, but they will not be eligible to be part of a serious wardrobe.
Kindly browse these threads, and you'll see what beauty is:

I trust thses links will keep you busy for awhile. Enjoy, and welcome to Styleforum. smile.gif
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Can anyone speak with any first-hand knowledge of the CH Martin plain toe blucher?  They look pretty good...  goodyear welt construction, double leather sole, etc...  Is it fairly comfortable?  I picked up a pair of the Jayhawker wingtip a couple of years ago.  They look very nice but are not all that comfortable.  I am wondering if the Martin plain toe would be similar; looks pretty good but isn't that comfortable.


Thanks in advance...

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You should check out Nordstrom Rack if there is one near you. I picked up a solid Bruno Magli loafer that has held up very well. I'm not disappointed by my CH loafers and drivers as well. They have always held up and have gotten plenty of compliments.
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Those aren't new. 

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Originally Posted by NefariousSabatour View Post


Created a account and bumped a 3 year old thread, previously 9 year old thread because this shit made me laugh hard as hell.  Good Job, you were hilarious this whole thread.

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....but since we are all here, not since the made in Italy, green label days.


Still have two pairs, the cap toes get regular use.

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