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Being someone who has lived in the Middle East in the past for 2.5 years and is returning indefinitely to Tunis this summer, I always add a dash of it to my wardrobe. Mostly some faded linen shirts, my Belstaff linen jacket, and a linen scarf in a subtle pattern/stripe. I also have a great Etro tie with blue camels and swans on it.

It's really about comfort. Trying too hard, even in Tunis, subjects you to a fair amount of ridicule, because people in the MENA (ME+North Africa) region don't actually dress like that. You can come off as a silly anachronistic colonialist.
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The best I could come up with:
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I was looking at these on Mr Porter:

Incotex aged cargos. Effing beautiful and a perfect match. Sorry if they've already been posted.
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this thread
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You should select some blue or khaki linen shirt, linen pants, one pair leather sandles, one pair desert boots, one pair saddle shoes, and five different hats. Oh and boxers, you don't want to be boiling your boys in your own sweat. Wait will you actually be in the desert?
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Felt or leather hat? Really? You try wearing that in the desert...
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"Desert look" = rugged war correspondent steeze?

Y'know, blue oxford shirts with the khakis and maybe a 5 o'clock shadow and some kind of jacket with lots of pockets?
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