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Shoddy tailoring?

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I was looking for a good tailor in Boston, and several past threads seemed to suggest that Rizzo's in Harvard Square was very good. I dropped a pair of Incotex trousers off there last week for a relatively simple operation (take in the waist, hem the legs). I picked up my trousers today and was in a great hurry so did not really look them over carefully before getting home. After examining them more closely, I realized that the work looks pretty sloppy to me. What do you think? Here you can see that the waistband does not line up exactly. Also the black edge stitching is frayed on the left side. One layer of the lining is improperly folded over into the seam. To me, this work looks really poor. Do I have a basis for returning to the shop and asking the work to be redone free of charge? This is my first pair of Incotex and is therefore very precious to me...
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with respect to the "waistband alignment", i think it looks fine. i think you're thinking too much.

as for the folding, unless it uncomfortable, that seems fine. it saves material for expansions in the future, if needed.

this is all "internal", so unless there is externally visible problem or some sort of structural issue, i think it is fine.
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No real structural issues and fit is fine. Just looks very sloppy to me compared to previous work I have seen...especially when paying relatively high prices.
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I'm surprised that they had to cut any seam allowance in order to take in the waist. How does the fabric finishing look elsewhere on the pants?
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Fabric finishing looks clean everywhere else...
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The edges are overcast or serged to prevent fraying. Either they redid this after cutting excess cloth or it is the original. The fraying is more about the cloth type. Looks like a soft twill which is prone to fraying easily. Not the tailors fault. You can trim this with scissors yourself. It may keep occurring if the cloth is the type I think it is.
The folding of the curtain inside is just turning up the fold and pressing it the way you like. You could adjust this yourself. No big.
Only thing objectionable to me is that they tacked the curtain by machine to hold it down. The two horizontal stitch lines. This may be to attach a belt loop or just to hold the curtain down. This could have been done by lifting the curtain, sewing the loop and then tack the curtain with a few hand stitches. No stitching would be seen. Looks cleaner and more professional. IMO

If you go back to them, 2 things will be determined. One , they will see you care about your clothes and are looking for above average workmanship. This makes you an above average client who is aware and appreciates the efforts of a good tailor and they will want to please you. Two, they really don't care and just want to turn out average work in high volume. Your attitude and theirs will either be a match or you know to look elsewhere.

Just to clarify, the work they did is not flawed and I am not saying they did a poor job. You are just wanting a cleaner finish which is your choice. You are the customer.
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Originally Posted by lifersfc
I picked up my trousers today and was in a great hurry so did not really look them over carefully before getting home.

Always try on and inspect garments before leaving the tailor, always.
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