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Originally Posted by PhilVo View Post

Just picked up the black Finchley tassel loafers at UshowU for 146£... a steal for the quality and very nice to wear for work!

Pictures please.

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Originally Posted by BrooksLauren77 View Post

Pictures please.

Will do so as soon as I have them... Meant Opumo, not UshowU btw.

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I think they do a lot of private labeling (McNairy's stuff is all through them), which is the only way I have seen them in the US.
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Originally Posted by Peter1 View Post

I think this is the only Sanders thread...correct me if I"m wrong.

I'm looking at the two Sanders jodhpur models. The Newmarket is 155 pounds at Brogue Shoes, whereas the Newbury is 199 pounds. The Newmarket is advertised as being part of Sanders's Uniform range, while the Newbury is in the Country range. Hard to tell from the descriptions, but I think the main differences are that the Newbury is fully leather lined, and perhaps uses a better grade of leather. I may have heard that some Sanders models are not Made in UK, so perhaps that could be another distinction.

However, I might be tempted by the Newmarket as these are going to be "beater" boots that I'll topy to wear when the weather isn't great. Is the extra $80 or so for the Newmarket a good investment?

Thanks in advance...

A long-awaited follow up to a necro post...

I did finally pick up a pair of Newbury black jodhpurs last week on sale for 130 euros. I dithered because I kept thinking I should spring for a higher end pair from C&J, then I thought, well, maybe I won't like know how it goes.

Anyway, they are quite comfortable right out of the box. The leather is a tad less rich-looking than I might want, and it's definitely not a "dress" last, but at the price, no complaints. I'm a US 9.5D on Brannock and a UK 8.5 fits perfectly. They pair well with jeans and flat front flannel pants.
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As I only joined recently I have only just become aware of this thread. I have three pairs of Sanders' shoes, and have found them of outstanding quality for the price. The oldest pair I have been wearing for about 35 years, and they are still good. I rotate my work shoes such that I only wear them once a fortnight, but even so, they have lasted very well, especially as they were bought as uniform shoes and, as such, were worn a lot in those earlier years.

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