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AE Nassau

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Anyone know anything about the Nassau's like when they were produced or what the hide is?

(sorry photos aren't the greatest)

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They look like sharkskin, but I am not 100% sure.

Edit-Have a look at the old catalogs for more info.
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Dave, thank you for that link. Model name 'Nassau'. Sharkskin. 1972 collection. I don't know what, if any leather conditioner would be used on those to keep them alive, or has the leather already become brittle?
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Shark is so durable it makes shell cordovan seem like tissue paper. You can use regular leather conditioner on them, and polish.
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thanks guys, that is incredibly helpful. I would have never guessed AE did sharkskin! and no, the condition is actually really good, nothing brittle about them. They were one of several dozen pairs of AE's left behind by my grandfather, most new in box.
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