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Buy a whip.

Seriously, though, there are too many possiblities here. At best, it sounds like things might have gone from peppermint to vanilla, and it's time to put some spice back in. In other words, if things aren't to your satisfaction, try something different with your SO. It doesn't have to be a whip.

Or, you're not who you were, and she's not who she was when you first met. These things happen, we all grow into new version of ourselves. The thing is - you've got to check in with her to see where she is, and where you are. You could both be going the same direction but assuming you're growing apart.

So, first order of business: talk. If you can't talk, then sex is the least of your issues.
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Originally Posted by jonglover
That sooo had the potential of being one of the best SF posts of all time...
My thoughts exactly.
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i didn't read the replies i'm sorry to say (it's late & i'm tired), but i'd suggest taking a trip to an exotic locale next time you get a chance. do something that's sweet, romantic, sexy -- whatever. i'd say what you're going through is pretty normal, maybe you just need a little spice. (this is, assuming, you've been together 5+ years, referring to the 20/25 reference)

just like working out, you have to change your routine every so often or your body adapts!

let us know what ended up happening (no, i'm not asking for details, just if things got better/worse/indifferent)
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Originally Posted by thelion1856
dude i dont mean to upset you but she is obviously cheating on you.

1st off you got separate 9 to 5's.

2nd she is not having much sex with you or asking you why there isnt much sex going on between you & her.

3rd "she just shruggs it off" if she felt for you she would have a better answer for you.

4th you have separte hobbies.

Based on what you said it sounds like she is sleeping with a co worker. If you think it is uncommon it aint. I work at a hospital and know of about half the married females there cheat on their husbands. I personally know of 7 married nurses, doctors who cheat on their husband. They all have a similar story to yours.

Bwahahahahaha...that was funnier than the everquest post.
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