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So you are/have been a bespoke client of Cutler, Marrone, Zink and Alacqua?
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Zink is my bespoke tailor, but I have friends and associates who have used/worked with Marrone, Cutler and Alacqua and I can recommend them based on their reports, which I trust. MTM I use Barrington Ayre (recommend them highly) and am just trying out Tomas Soliz Custom Clothiers now as well. Will have more to say on the latter once I receive my suit, but so far, the customer service has been exemplary.
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With respect, you can't recommend something like the bespoke tailoring experience offered by a particular tailor if you haven't personally been a customer. Otherwise there is no integrity in your recommendation.

Rather than recommend something based on someone else's experience, you should confine yourself to broad statements like "I know someone who has used such and such" in the first instance, instead of "recommending" him and trying to bignote yourself.

Now to the crux of the matter. From what I have seen in the evidence posted openly by Phat Guido and others, P Johnson delivers the goods in terms of suits and jackets that fit well and flatter their wearers. E.g.

By contrast, your bespoke experience yeilded a result that looked like it barely (if at all) shades an average RTW suit. I'd link to your photos here for comparison but they have been taken down (which probably tells us all we need to know) from the original thread.

You can bang on all you like about "the experience" of bespoke being superior to MTM, but when your bespoke "experience" is limited to one baggy suit from a second rate tailor, your opinion isn't worth a pinch of shit.
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Originally Posted by TheWraith View Post
Communicating with your cutter is of huge importance (and many bespoke tailors will readily agree with me on that), and you'd only appreciate that if you've properly experienced that level of bespoke. That's my opinion, and it's as valid as yours.

That's bollocks. You don't need to communicate with the cutter directly. The person conducting your fittings can do all the communication on your behalf (and I'm sure would have a better understanding of how to communcate your needs and desires to the cutter). Only small bespoke operations have the same person conducting fittings and cutting the pattern. As I said in my earlier post, there are many high-end operations popular on this forum (London House, Napoli Su Misura) where you don't communicate with the person cutting the pattern, yet the results are superb.
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Originally Posted by Prince of Paisley View Post
You can bang on all you like about "the experience" of bespoke being superior to MTM, but when your bespoke "experience" is limited to one baggy suit from a second rate tailor, your opinion isn't worth a pinch of shit.
There was this point in time where TheWraith basically spruiked Steven Aver MTM in just about every post he made. Remember how that one turned out? Of course that was in addition to multiple instances of egregious stupidity - e.g. an Australian laughing at the Americans for not having enough fresh water because we had a (wait for it) particularly wet summer, an Australian accusing the Americans of having 'no culture', etc etc... the list goes on and on. Stick to writing comics, Frank. You seem like someone who does better in fantasyland anyhow.
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Here we go again. Wraith bringing up the same stuff every time P. Johnson is mentioned in a thread, and bringing up a bunch of other tailors, of which he's used only one, and going by the comments in that thread, it didn't turn out much better than a RTW. Doesn't it get boring writing the same thing? Because is sure as hell does, reading it over & over again.
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yoshii...just shut up! If you don't like my posts, don't read them. I'm not forcing you. I mentioned those other tailors because Prince of Paisley brought them up and asked me a question about them. I simply answered him. btw, I haven't said anything against P Johnson here. If you notice, I've talked them up here. And besides, there are plenty here in this thread about P Johnson that have commented on them without ever having used them, including (if I'm not wrong) the person who started this thread, the aforementioned Prince. Funny how nobody says anything about that And my bespoke suit turned out very well indeed. A few ignorant posts from some here on SF can't change that. 99% of the suits presented on the forum here end up poo-pooed by those here. Some deserve it. Many don't. I can count on one hand those here on SF whose opinion I respect in judging such things, and none of them are in this thread or that one you're referring to either. regards to Steven Aver, I got a very good suit out of him before he went to hell. A lovely navy herringbone Charles Clayton fabric suit, with full floating canvas and horn buttons. Fit is excellent. Whatever happened to his operation had nothing to do with me, and has been explained by Aver himself elsewhere. I got a great fitting suit from him, though, so I'm happy. That's enough for me. And no quar, it's not bollocks. Just a difference of opinion. I didn't say you can't get fine results without communicating with your cutter (where did I ever say that? Are you even paying attention?). I've gotten fine results using MTM as well, which I've said here many times in this thread. I'm a fan of good quality MTM, like P Johnson. I've used such places several times, which I've again pointed out here. What I said was there are advantages to communicating directly with your cutter, advantages you only really come to appreciate when you've experienced that process. I stand by that opinion, and I know many very fine tailors worldwide who would agree with me on that. That's enough for me. The rest of you haters can go jump. You are an irrelevance to me.
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Now where were we..

Oh I got a call from Patrick when I was away..

*More at your know where
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Looks great PG - love the pattern matching and all the little details your sister posted on her Tumblr. Working towards a P Johnson suit (first MTM) later this year for a 28th birthday present to myself. Currently improving my physique and finances to enjoy the experience fully and get a few shirts too. Please keep posting pictures of your PJ suits (this goes for anyone else too), it is great to see them out in the wild.
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Second fitting delayed a week <shakes fist angrily at TNT>
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Ended up getting my suit last friday, slightly ahead of what I'd been expecting after the reported hold up (of the courier kind, not the robber kind). First impressions are very good. The shoulder and chest are spot on and very clean, for the first time in my suit history. Basically everything fits as I expected and hoped, aside from possibly a touch too much waist suppression. Tom advised waiting and wearing it for a week or so then we'll decide whether to let it out slightly. The fabric certainly looks like it needs to relax a little in to its correct shape so it may not need any alteration. This silhouette is also very much the house style and might just need a little tweaking on me for my taste. This is a marked contrast to my previous MTM experience elsewhere, where the fit of the jacket was reasonable, but basically was out in shoulders, sleeve length, back length and overall slimness to varying degrees. Part of this was me (stupidly, in hindsight) fighting against the house style, but the rest was just plain inability to make with precision. So my overall impression with PJohnson so far has been extremely favourable, despite the extra cost over some MTM alternatives. In reality though none of the cheaper alternatives that I'm aware of seem to offer the same 'semi-bespoke' experience and results. Certainly that's the case from my (limited) direct experience. Tom in Melbourne offered a highly enjoyable process from start to finish and the result is impressive.
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Thanks for the details lennier - it would be great to see some photographs after the suit has settled in/been altered. Good to read another positive review of P Johnson Tailors service - hope you end up just as happy with the results.
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Originally Posted by Pink Socks View Post
Thanks for the details lennier - it would be great to see some photographs after the suit has settled in/been altered. Good to read another positive review of P Johnson Tailors service - hope you end up just as happy with the results.
If I can get my head around the concept of taking photos of my clothes to post on the internet I'll see what I can do, provided I can get anything of sufficient quality to make it worthwhile! :-)
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Good thing we live in different countries, Phat. desu
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