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Originally Posted by Prince of Paisley View Post
I recall from his brog the x2 monks are JL Paris......?

Think brown = C&J or Carmina (He's got both)

Black = JL St Crepin

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Originally Posted by ColdEyedPugilist View Post
Think I got the lighter one.

Have you collected your's yet?
Mine's a couple of weeks away still, which seems like an eternity lol.
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Originally Posted by CHECKstar View Post
Just got back from having my first appointment with Tom in Melbourne.

I ordered a navy three piece made up with an extra set of trousers. Plenty of cloth choices - which can be overwhelming for a first timer. We picked out a shade marginally lighter then french navy, more of a 'ink navy' in S120. Options that i adopted included side tabs and button fly on the trousers and a slightly lower button stance to their default. He is only having one pair of pants made initially, with the second getting ordered after the first fitting (in case there are any changes).

As others have already mentioned the hardest part is choosing the shoulder style - I went in wanting a roped shoulder, but Tom convinced me to try the soft shoulder for a first suit. He noted that my shoulders are quite square already and didn't. The only down side was that he didn't have any examples of the style around (other then the jacket he was wearing). That said, he mentioned that in the next week or so he'll be moving into a new location in South Melbourne and will have plenty of samples around.

In the end I decided to go with his best judgment on the shoulders - although I must admit I am still a little nervous and excited at the same time.

The only thing that I am thinking of is whether I should stump up a little extra for the hand finish. I like the hand finished look, but not sure if it is worth it on our first collaboration.

Do you mind me asking how much this cost CS?
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I had a dark check, DB suit made for my wedding. Tom in Melbourne fitted both myself and a friend at the same time - we were both getting married and best men at each other weddings. My suit turned out wonderfully; trim waist, high button stance and structured "Brittish" shoulders. My friends suit (SB with a vest) has really nice roped shoulders, with less padding. I'll post pictures tonight. Both look amazing, are beautifully constructed with horn buttons, are fully canvassed and included pants with side adjusters. The price for each was approx. $1400 (a bit more for the vest with the SB). Sadly we didn't have enough time for the hand finished option, but the detailing and finish is still excellent. We also ordered shirts. Mine was delivered a little long in the arms, but that was fixed promptly. Tom was an absolute pleasure to deal with, and he has a very obvious passion for menswear and tailoring. He also has a great way of working with your personal style, but also gently guiding you to options you may not have considered on your own. Very highly recommended.
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Anyone have a source for Ariston linen?
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Originally Posted by stateless View Post
I had a dark check, DB suit made for my wedding.

I look forward to the pics...
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Originally Posted by CHECKstar View Post
I look forward to the pics...


I'm getting married in 18 months and haven't a clue what I want to wear.
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Stay tuned, will post them tonight.
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Thread Starter 
I will be monitoring this thread closely.
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Make sure you don't leave us hanging stateless. We're all very keen.
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- Venue: Vineyard, summer, Australia
- Suit: P. Johnson. Fully canvassed, ox horn buttons, can't recall the fabric.
- Shirt: P. Johnson
- Shoes: A. Testoni wingtip brogues
- PS: Herringbone
- Tie: Tie Rack (Don't hurt me! They were the only one's who had the right green. Zegna had something close, but it had way too much sheen)

I could never get the tie to stay sitting nice and proud.

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Thanks for posting those pictures mate.

Congratulations on the recent marriage.

Jacket looks short to me. Did you specify that you wanted a shorter look?
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Congratulations on the recent marriage.
Thanks mate.
Jacket looks short to me. Did you specify that you wanted a shorter look?
I did. The photo is also shot from a low angle, making the jacket appear shorter than it really is. The top photo shoes the balance a bit more accurately. Shorter jacket, slightly shorter sleeves, high buttons, higher than normal pant break. I think it tightens DB suits that can often look a bit sack-y and loose. Tom duly informed me that I was moving beyond what was "traditional" in a DB suit, but understood what I was reaching for.
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Originally Posted by Phat Guido View Post
To date I have had 2 suits & 1 SC delivered - IMO better than anything I ever got from WW Chan.

All jacket have soft shoulder, 3 PP, 2B SB, double vent & pants are plane front, button fly & side tabs

LP "The Wave" suit

That is just outstanding. A really beautiful combination.

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PG knows exactly how his body is built and knows exactly how his suit's chest and shoulders work best for him. Look at the great lines in his lapel, shirt collar, gorge and the roping on the shoulders. An old photo of his was the first one I showed Tom in our session.
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