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Originally Posted by Mr Engineer View Post

My personally preference.


1. Hermes

2. Tom Ford

3.  Louis Vuitton (nice silk)


I would now replace Louis Vuitton with Ferragamo
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I only buy / have Hermes (I may be missing something).

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Can´t bear with the Hermes patterns, even if their fabrics are exquisite.
My favs at the moment are Borrelli (smooth as intimate female body parts), Kent Wang (very cool, very urban) and Marinella (the Classic).

I do own a few Zegna ties and cant agree about their inferiority. Nice patterns, smooth and light. Wouldnt wear them for a business apt tho. On that occasion I'd go 4 Borrelli or a solid T&A.
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Drakes unlined
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hi fellas,


curious, what colors you all prefer? i know some of the patterns can be quite busy, influencing the overall color - what's that color?


what about striped ones?

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