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Charvet (via Paris)
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In no particular order, Charles Hill, Sam Hober, Drake's, Nicky, Marinella and Charvet.
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My faves:

Zegna Napoli Couture + some of my regular E. Zegna silk/cotton blends

Massimo Bizzocchi

Sulka (I only have one but it's great)

Canali (best all-around value for dollar)

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My personally preference.


1. Hermes

2. Tom Ford

3.  Louis Vuitton (nice silk)

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My personal preference:

1. Hermes
2. Marinella
3. Kiton, Brioni, and Stefano Ricci (tie)
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7 years... is that some kind of necrobump record?

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For me its:



Zegna Couture


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Charles Hill, Charvet, Drake's, Holliday & Brown (of old), Marinella, ... as well as what I find at Richard Anderson & Anderson & Sheppard.

I'm sure there are others I'm leaving out. I'll add that I typically do NOT like Hermes ties. Moreover, I do not necessarily seek out seven fold.
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Drake's, Kiton, Edsor Kronen, Borelli ...... Charvet are very nice, but the price premium for the name tag is high. Hermes feel nice, but I am not at all a fan of their designs.
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Tom Ford
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Carlo Franco. devil.gif
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Always had good luck with...

Kiton 7 fold
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Charvet, Hermes, Stefano Ricci. My favourite tie at the moment is a green/blue paisley tie from Stefano Ricci (and I hitherto detested paisley!) Hermes ties, the more discreet patterns and the ones w/o the funny prints, are quite pleasing to wear.
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1. Marinella

2. Attolini

3. Charvet & Kiton


I own 18 Marinella ties (out of 162 total) of different construction and all of them tie very well and are of exquisite quality. Sadly, I rarely go out formal these days; nonetheless; they are a joy to watch.


However, if I have to pick only one favorite out of all ties that I have, it would be an old red tie with fine silver embroidery made by Versace (and this, IMHO, is a good testament to my poor taste :-)

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My favorite is Charvet. They're feel like freaking butter and yet you always get solid knots. Brioni is good but their ties are a bit thick and thus leads to a fat knot but that can be fixed. Tom Fords have good ties and their designs are nicer compared to other brands. Zegna ties are a joke and you should only buy suits from them. Kiton? They were the worst and I couldn't get a nice solid knots from any of their ties. I returned all the Kitons that I purchased. 'Gamos and Hermes I have never owned.
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