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Best Ties

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Here is my preference list, feel free to weigh in with yours.

1. Hermes
2. Charvet
3. Turnbull & Asser
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Because I am inclined toward bold graphics and colors, I seem to gravitate toward Robert Talbott.

Next on my to purchase list:
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Of what I own:

Attolini- is my favorite as the silk of all of them are quite exceptional.

Borrelli-their 7 folds ties are one of the easiest and best dimples I've found

Ricci-despite their poor taste in other garments, Ricci's ties are quite nice

Kiton-suprised as I'm not very impressed, the materials are not of Attolini's quality

Dormeuil-nice grenadines
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Carlo Franco
S. Ricci
Anthony Kirby
Sam Hober (for grenadines)
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Cappelli, Rubinacci, Drakes, Loro Piana, Marinella, Matuozzo. Edit: Kitons prints are great but their wovens are not so good IMO.
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yet to be mentioned additions...

Talbott 7 fold and Estate
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1. Italo Ferretti; very high quality silk, (Under their own label).
2. Tino Cosma.
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I'm surprised no one has mention Arney's ties. Ben Silver, out of Charleston, carries them. They are very nice ties.
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1. Robert Talbott
2. Salvatore Ferragamo
3. Luigi Borrelli
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Nicky, Drakes, and Barbera top my list.
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I like Charvet, Brioni, and Canali.
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Nicky, Charles Hill (T&A), Breuer, Drake's (in no particular order)
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Drakes, Battistoni, Anna Matuozzo
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Lately, I've become quite fond of Zegna ties. Don't know if they're objectively that great, but I like them.
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Tino Cosma, Robert Talbott - Best of Class E. Zegna Bruer Past favorite is a 14 year old grenadine Polo (Navy with Gold silk stripe).
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