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Shoe width

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Hey guys,

I'm usually a 10.5D in shoes and my feet fit the width perfectly, however I just saw a pair of loafers I really liked that are B width (narrow). Would I be able to fit into these shoes? Will there be significant discomfort? Also would it be possible to stretch the shoes out?

Thanks guys!
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Try 11 B.
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you might actually find that B fits normally for you in this particular make.
size numbers and width letters are all used more or less loosely by all the makes and even within their different models.

the best thing to do is try on a size without being influenced by the number or width, of course, the first shoe you should choose to try should be directed by your normal foot size first as general guidance , and then go up or down from there.
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only problem is that I'm buying this through eBay so I can't actually try it on. It's a casual loafer by Florsheim sized 10.5 B. Should I go for it ? What do you guys think? I will either buy it or not. I hate returns.
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I hate returns.
If you don't have the occassion to try the shoes on (even at a brick and mortar Florsheim store), you should expect that you may have to return them, assuming the seller allows it. I'm afraid it's difficult for people to give an absolute yes or no. So in that regard, this post is not insightful. But if you hate returns, this isn't a situation you should be purchasing shoes.
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