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Originally Posted by Full Canvas
If you can wait a short while, I promise to take some photos for you. The only digital camera of ours (a D70) is in Minsk. So, I need to buy some film for the "antique" N65 here in La Jolla. I will makes some images and let you know when I post them.

This may be a good reason to buy a new D80. Oh, well. Perhaps Mrs. FC may not agree with that reasoning!


But tell her it is for the common good and for building up the archives of sartorial knowledge for generations to come!

P.s. no rush, thanks FC!
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Bing Crosbys Safari jacket. After his passing there was an estate sale of some of his odds and ends. I was fortunate to be able to purchase it.
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Originally Posted by gorgekko
I still have a Ralph Lauren button down oxford I bought back in 1989 while I was still in high school. I still wear it occasionally.

This reminded me of a similar story of mine. I bought a RL blue bengal stripe shirt back in high school, but didn't get round to opening it for about 5 years or so. Only recently retired it from my work rotation though it's now battered-looking enough to work quite nicely in casual ensembles under a nice sweater or similar.
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Delicate and beautiful, Tomasso . . . the openwork reminds me of my grandmother's hand crafted tablecloths, runners and napkins.
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I have a pair of madras pants that I bought for myself in (about) 1967. I wore them last summer.
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I tried to buy a pair of C&J boots apparently made in the year of my birth but failed - I won but didn't reach reserve. The boots weren't that nice so I didn't followup.
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I have a collection of vintage vicuna, cashmere, and camel hair overcoats that are from 50 to 60 years or older.
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Oldest is an exquisite Nicholls of Regent Street evening tail coat made for my great unce Charles shortly after he was demobbed from WWI (around 1920 i think - its not dated alas). It last fitted me when i was about 14years old so i never really got to wear it properly. I also have many of his studs and wing collars he wore to the bank during a long long and solid career. When i first remember him he still wore stiff collars to work as honorary secretary of the local golf club. Apart from that my own purchases would be my beautiful edward green brown oxfords - circa 1993 and only recently brought out of mothballs. They are a delight, even with a half cm ink blotch on the vamp that dripped disastrously from the nib of my grandfather's 1932 Conway stewart during a meeting in Milan - oh impetuous youth......
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The Conway Stewart itself was lost in Milan on a later trip. What i wouldnt do to get that back.....
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Oldest self purchased I can think of is my first pair of platforms, 1972. Four inch heel!
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