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Im not a big tee shirt wearer, but when I do, its Costco all the way!

The kirkland undershirts are thick and soft, and maybe a touch long
but they also have "premium pima cotton tee shirts" in a variety of colors and they are durable and soft and comfy and breathable.
I strongly prefer to wear these guys over my rick/mmm tees
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Originally Posted by crackerjack View Post

Would you recommend buying a medium if I wear medium in AA?

Medium or small depending on how you want it to fit. I wear Large or XL in AA and I got a size L.
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Would I be lynched if I suggested Target on this forum? They have solid colored crew and V-necks for 8 dollars...
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I have a slew of Express v necks that I've had for over a year now. Not a long time, but extremely durable considering the fact I wear each one at least once a week to the gym. Only 1 has a tiny hole in the front, and they've kept their shape very nicely. I definitely reccommend Express for their basic V's and sport trunks. + when they go on sale for like 3 for $36.50 AND you can stack coupon codes, it's a fantastic price. Just stay away from everything else on the website, lol.
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How do ya'll feel about Alfani Tees?

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Originally Posted by Pharaoh34 View Post

How do ya'll feel about Alfani Tees?

I liked them a lot, fit was very snug, sleeves were a good length and the neck hole never stretched out. On that note I notice they changed something recently because the new pack I purchased fit very small and the neck hole seemed much wider.
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Lacoste is my fav, then Boss Orange, Then Polo. . I got like 10 polo tee's for the gym at macys on sale for like 9 bucks a pop. Cant go wrong!

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I'm a big fan of uniqlo's premium cotton t-shirts but it looks like they dont make them anymore (on the UK uniqlo site anyway). for anyone that might be interested, their new normal t-shirts on the UK site (not the dry packaged ones) are 100% cotton and fit the same as the premium cotton ones did (maybe slightly longer sleeves) but the cotton they're made of isn't as nice. Haven't noticed any shrinking from the wash either, though i dont tumble dry anything other than underwear and socks.

i have a 40" chest, 31" waist and wear a size small (a bit tight in the chest and arms, but a quick stretch when i put it on sorts it out. worth it for something that isn't baggy in the waist)
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We don't have Uniqlo in Canada. Ball sacks.
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NSIAP but Im a huge fan of the Jcrew jaspe t's. I have been slowly collecting the vnecks whenever they go on sale. The fit is great and not too heavy. Crazy thick t's dont work out well in the south as it's way too hot and humid. Theyre made with some kind of yarn so they have a somewhat loftier feel than normal tshirt cloth. They do twist a bit with a turn in the dryer, but it doesn't affect comfort in any way.
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JCrew tees are too short for me frown.gif I have a few, but I'd much prefer them if they were about 2" longer, otherwise pretty decent since they can be had for cheap.
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Originally Posted by McCurry View Post

Anybody try the Uniqlo t-shirts? They apparently have pretty good quality

I have like 10 Uniqlo t-shirts - of all the mass market brands, they are the best on both price and performance.
Originally Posted by Brooklands View Post

For basic t-shirts the James Perse shirts are very good.

James Perse T-shirts are solid. they come in at around $40-$60

I am going to throw my hat in here and recommend Everlane.
The shirts are made in the same factories that James Perse uses in Los Angeles,
and made of very similar or better fabric, and there's no retail store markup.

They cost $15. Supima or ringspun cotton, depending on the shirt.

They fit a bit slimmer than American Apparel, and 1/2 size smaller than J Crew in width, but are cut long.
There's a waiting list (it's a startup), but if you PM me your email address that you sign up with, I will activate your account.

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I hope they ll add international shipping!
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Yea I do too. Those tees look rather good.
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I like heavyweight tees for the most part ... Norse Projects- tend to use different blends/heathers, sometimes with graphics, other times subtle branding tags ... Original Fake stays on the more graphic side of things, offering heavyweight cotton tees for their canvas 

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