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White Sporting Sock Trauma

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I wish I could say the morning found me in good spirits; alas not. No more than one of the Queen's hours ago I saw a sight which chilled me to the marrow. The premature Talisker resting beside me has worked its calming wonders.

Upon returning from the local market with the Good Lady Wife's provisions order for the weekend, I ran into my erstwhile good neighbour of some fifteen years, Mr de Y. Amicable chat ensued and upon going our separate ways, he bent to retrieve a loose weed from the path. As he did so I couldn't help noticing his ankle wear. Attempting to span the cavernous divide between his very respectable brown Oxford Church's and a rather formal - even by my standards for a Saturday morning in these days of denim wear, Prince of Wales three-piece check, were what I can only describe as white towelling sporting socks with a most unconvincing tick symbol upon them.

When a chap's spouse of several decade passes, I can understand how a small degree of carelessness could creep into ones daily routine and appearance; to me, this is taking things too far.

So, in a cry for help, as his actions surely were meant to be interpreted, I am willing to convey, in my most diplomatic manner, sartorial suggestions to remedy this problem. I myself have been known to sport an adventurous Argyle with a similar outfit, for example; although I suffered a low level headache for the major part of the day.

I await in eagerness your wisdom,

Ever yours,

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Dear Smith,

As I see for this coordinates I now recognize... you happen to live in the vecinity of Geneva.... Neydens to be precise

my coordinates...

46° 21" N , 6° 15" E
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This is indeed, quite distressing.

Were they perhaps, of the color blind variety?
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If his wife has passed away, cut him some slack.
Either subtly suggest some radical departure from the previous 'straight 'n' narrow' such as a violent violet or some such, just to convince all concerned that he's not 'lost it' but is purposely challenging your generation's sartorial ideas.
Or drop a heavy hint like subscribing on his behalf to a suitable catalogue of traditional gents attire and see if 'the message' gets through...
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Perhaps his fashion icon is David Letterman and as it was a Saturday morning his fabric choice for socks was harmonious with the country suit he was wearing.
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i dont know, i find giving and receiving unsolicited fashion advise quite unwelcome.
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Mr, Smith,

If this is your first time in 15 years to have cause for distress at your friend's sartorial decisions, I wouldn't rush to offer help. He apparently knows how to dress himself and may have been inconvenienced this one time by something so trivial as laundry.


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Tell me more about this Talisker of yours.
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Originally Posted by Kent Wang
Tell me more about this Talisker of yours.
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Originally Posted by Kent Wang
Tell me more about this Talisker of yours.


She is eighteen years old and now quite drained after our festive indulgences.


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