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I need help with a decision.


Ideally, I'd like to purchase an Alfred Dunhill Biometric Wallet  Link Here


However, I can not find a place to purchase any of these anywhere.  I am aware of other brands with a similar product, but I only desire the Alfred Dunhill Variant.


Another Viable option, (though in my mind much less satisfying an option.  Would be an Alfred Dunhill Carbon Fiber Bifold Wallet.  Link Here


And lastly - something that I am considering, A Dolan Bullock Money Clip - Link Here


My question to you, is which of the last two options do you think I should purchase?  If I find an Alfred Dunhill Biometric Wallet, I will purchase it in an instant, however, since I can't find one, do you think I should wait for another to resurface, or go with one of the second 2 options?


Thank you.



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double post
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+1 for Ettinger
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