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Finding a Light Grey Pinstripe Suit

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Anyone know of any designers who have a Light Grey pinstripe suit out right now?

I found this one on ebay, and its similar to the coloring Im looking for, Id just like to find a better quality suit. []
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Forgive me, but that suit is ugly.

However you can get a light grey pin stripe in most any good manufacturer.

I have a Kiton, an Isaia and a Samuelsohn in light grey with varying colors of stripes. Probably a bit more availability in medium or dark grey, but I can't imagine any mfg not having a lighter grey with stripe.

Now you need to find a retailer that carries them. Here in Hotsdale they are plentiful.

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What do you think of the below Isaia suit, is it good value at $900 (with 10% sf discount). My other options are a MTM suit from ww chan/mr ned or keep checking ebay for a similar zegna or isaia suit around the 500 mark (if lucky!)
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Believe me, I'm not buying that suit, its just the closest thing I could find color wise to show you what I mean. Basically I just want a light grey suit with pinstripes other than grey or something that easily blends in with the suit. I wish I had a better pic to show you. And as far as shopping locally, I live in Florida and the closest Saks is Orlando and Im not sure about a Neiman Marcus. There are a couple boutiques I can check out, but they are limited being smaller stores. Thats why I was trying to find something online.
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I think Bertie Wooster wears a similar pale grey/white chalkstripe suit in a light flannel in an episode or two of the ITV series and looks very dapper.

I think that such a light grey stripe really suits a flannel (or at least a worsted flannel) more than a plain worsted wool.
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Any idea where to look for one?
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Any department store? Light grey pin is not exactly an exotic cloth. How much do you want to spend?
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Price isnt a real issue, and the nicest "Department store" in Jacksonville is Parisian or Dillard's, maybe Macy's. But no Saks, NM, or anything like that.
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