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American Psycho.
12 Angry Men (a whole range of different looks, and plenty of Rat Pack-ish casual looks).

That's just of the very top of my head. Great call (in the article) on Quadrophenia, though...
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I know these two are rather left-field, but most of the good ones have already been taken - I really liked the style reflected in the otherwise forgettable The Legend of Bagger Vance and The Gangs of New York.
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Mildred Pierce
My Fair Lady
The Untouchables
La Dolce Vita
Butterfield 8
Gone With the Wind
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I recently viewed "Dead Ringers" from D. Cronenberg... Quite stylish in a 80's sort of way

Dead Ringers at IMDB

It never showed up in any of the SF greatest/stylish movies threads... Anyone else familiar with this movie? If so;what did you think of it?
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The Thomas Crown Affair is one of the most stylish movies I know. Miss that one.
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The Conformist deserves a nod.
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You guys have named so many already, but I thought I'd toss in a few... Bob Le Flambeur - had some moments (Melville) Le Samourai - Delon had a nice minimalist elegance going on there (Melville) Rocco e i suoi Fratelli - Visconti captured some great looks of what the young men were wearing at the time The Godfather - James Caan illustrates how to wear a "wife-beater" to perfection (you have no idea how popular those things were with Italian men as I was growing up) (Coppola) Sexy Beast - I just love some of the outfits in this britsh gangster classic (Glazer) The Pope of Greenwich Village - just some great looks....especially during the stickball scene (Rosenberg) Film is my first love (I went to film school), and I have seen tons of them, so there's a bunch of films that have certain style elements that stand out in my memory (like Citizen Kane. now that I think of it)
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-Scent of a women.
-9.5 weeks (this one may deserve an argument).
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I just re-watched Cruel Intentions, and thought I'd mention it here. Great looking outfits.
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Wall Street is a major omission

How To Steal a Million was great though. O'Tooles tux really was impeccable and Audrey is just

Even his stolen car was perfect.
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Death in Venice and Borsalino....
Room with a view is also a very elegant period drama...
Operation swordfish with John Travolta and Halle Berry....
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+1 for Wall Street...

I had The Talented Mr. Ripley on my list as well, but haven't seen the original Purple Noon. I immediately pushed it to the top of my list and hope to see it this week.

I also think CQ is very stylish. A film by Roman Coppola set in the 60's.
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No Brideshead Revisited? I guess it was merely a mini-series
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Those Merchant Ivory films a few years back gets my nod.
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The Spy Who Came in from the Cold...Richard Burton looks fantastic and it's an excellent film... although his clothes don't fit perfectly, he carries them so well. The book describes his suits as polyester, go figure.
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