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Originally Posted by pauliec View Post
Great thread! To summarize,

- OP gets wasted off of the new 4 Lokos
- OP drives a drunk girl home, while drunk himself (off of a totally lame drink)
- Drunk girl drunkenly tells OP in between streams of projectile vomit that she was sexually violated, and instead of going to the police, OP decides to "be the hero"
- And by "be the hero", I mean gets his ass kicked while wearing boxer shorts and cowboy boots
- Finally, OP decides it's in his best interest to start a thread about the entire encounter

Who says romance is dead?

To summarize your summary: it's wrong.
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He probably didn't wanna call the cops after driving there drunk.
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Originally Posted by NorCal View Post
Slim to none. And as bad as certain posters have been in this thread the young lady have been subjected to far worse had she ended up going through with an attempted prosecution.

It's not about an atrempted prosecution or a trial; it's about letting the proper authorities handle the investigation of the incident. If it goes to court, it goes to court. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Point is, that isn't your call to make aa random passerby-turned-white-knight.
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