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Business trip to Osaka in Summer What to wear?

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Hi all I work for a big Pharma company and I usually go to the kansai region to recruit subjects and to talk to clients in November when its nice and cold. Now we won another contract which is good but now I have to go back over earlier than usual, heading over at the start of July which I have heard is extremely hot and humid. Ok now to my question, what the frick should I wear? I usually wear my 3 piece suit(its ivory) but I think it would be unbearable as I have to walk around recruiting subjects all day and then chat/drink with clients all night. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Is your company following cool biz? If so, light trousers and short sleeve shirt will do.
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It's still ivory.
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You're recruiting subjects your majesty?

Originally Posted by jeracoo View Post
I usually wear my 3 piece suit(its ivory)

You dress like what?

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Depends on with whom you are meeting and where. Some companies follow a "relaxed" summer dress code to cope with A/C usage. This means no ties, jackets, and possibly short sleeve shirts. Although you will never see a senior manager dressed like that. The "no tie" rule is common on really hot days. Why not consider a linen suit in more conservative colors? Navy, gray, and black are common. I'm sure there's a lot of laughter and comments surrounding your choice of a white 3-piece suit for business apparel. Perhaps it's ok for a night out, but for a business meeting? What are you selling? Viagra for the night clubs?
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Don't wear "Cool biz." That's for government employees and for people who only work inside the company office. Wear a suit and a tie in conservative colors. You're right that it is crazy hot in July, so make it a very light suit, such as linen. Most businessmen who go out to drink after work do not change into anything special, so neither should you. But you'll probably be hanging out in smoky bars so you're going to need to give the suit a day or two to air out.

Can you look good in a suit without a tie? If you can, maybe you can do that if you get a feel for the clients first. On your first meeting, dress as conservatively as possible.


2 or 3 light, conservative 2-piece suits. Wear ties unless you don't have to. NO IVORY!!
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I should just add... that is the safe answer, and in Japan the safe answer is the Right Answer. But, if you want to take the leeyway (which I think you do, since you usually wear a 3-piece ivory suit), you could just wear a blazer and chinos. I see a lot of foreign businessmen in Osaka dressed that way. But again the best answer is to dress conservatively and in light summer fabrics.
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It is ungodly hot in Osaka in summer. Not quite as terrible as Kyoto or Nara, but it frequently goes over 100, and the humidity makes it worse. I recommend a suit in conservative colors but in a fabric such as linen or fresco. It won't help a lot, but it will be better than those poor salarymen wearing wool and polyester (and more stylish than the dopes forced to go with Cool Biz). If necessary, carry your jacket and roll up your sleeves. Just don't forget to wear a T-shirt: your actual shirt will soak through in less than a minute if you don't have that extra layer covering your skin. In a way, I'm lucky that I'm in secondary education -- nobody bats an eye if I show up in shorts, as long as my shirt has a collar. It also helps me save money on my nicer clothes by allowing me to concentrate on winter items. Incidentally, when riding the trains, beware the dreaded 弱冷車 — mildly air-conditioned carriage. It's no fun.
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so jealous.
iwent to osaka (and surrounding cities including tokyo) a year ago.
you'll have a wonderful time.

try the local okonomiyaki.
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Originally Posted by View Post
so jealous. iwent to osaka (and surrounding cities including tokyo) a year ago. you'll have a wonderful time.
You have an Osakan mindset indeed when you consider Tokyo a "surrounding city" of Osaka.
try the only okonomiyaki worth eating.
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Originally Posted by dasai View Post
You have an Osakan mindset indeed when you consider Tokyo a "surrounding city" of Osaka.


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"saishuu ni maniatta yo 0 toki choi mae nisocchini tsuku yo"
meeru mijikasu gitakana? watashimosokkenaikedo
shin'oosakaeki made mukaeni kite kuretaanatawo mita ra
itsumohaiteru suuetto kyou mo ie he chokkou ka ...
banpaku kouen no taiyou no tou hisabisa mita inaa !
ashita sa , tamanihaiijan !!
( soyanaa ..) tte iku no ? ika naino ?
nando kokohe kite tatte
oosakaben ha jouzu ninarehenshi
tanoshisou nishitetatte
anata igai ni tsure haorehennoyo
chikaso udemada tooi oosaka

ii taikoto ie nakute damatte shimaunomo yoku naiyone
maishuu ha ae naikara kenkadakeha sake taishi
kayoi nare ta michi ga itsumoyori nagaku kanji rukono kuuki
midousuji hakonna nichi mo isshasen shika ugoka nai
ie ni tsuku mae ni nanika nomu mono katte koyouka ?
kibun kae youtoshiterunjan !
( soyanaa ..) tteiruno ?!! iranaino ?!!!
nando kokohe kite tatte
( isshoni sumahe nka ? ) toha iwa naishi
tanoshisou nishitetatte
sokoha naishin mecchasabishiinyo
chikaso udemada tooi oosaka

kakugo hamoushiterutte
oosaka noobachanto yoba retainyo
kazoku to hanare tetatte
anatatokokode iki teikitainyo
toukyou tawa^ datte
anatato miru tsuutenkaku nihakanawahenyo
nande sonnani waratte !
isshou ni ichido no kokuhaku yanka !
koishi kute zou rashii oosaka
nando kokohe kite tatte
mata kuru nohaanatagaorukarayamon
tanoshisou nishitetatte
sore wa anata ga koko ni oru kara yamon
don dake kenka shitatte anata dake
honma ni taisetsu yamon
( moukocchi koi ya ) tte itsutte
aa !!! saisoku shiteshimotayanaino
chikaso udemada tooi ka ? oosaka
koishi kute zou rashii oosaka !
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I usually wear ivory as that was the suit they gave me when i first went over, apparently makes it easier to find me and draws more attention, though im 6 foot 1 and a gaijin so im sure why its so hard to find me unless all gaijin look the same .

I've got a couple of linen suits so I might wear those, i wonder how cold the buildings will be, because in winter i found it really hot in the shops and most offices. It was like 6 degrees outside and 30 degrees inside was quite annoying.
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I hate that song kuro its evil.
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