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those little buttons

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I've noticed a lot of people wearing those little buttons that have various sayings and bands on them. I got one or two, what are your opinions on them? do you always wear them?
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I never wear them. I don't know very many people that do. I think they can look cool though if you pin them on your messanger bag.
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eh? you mean the little pins that punkers have been sticking on their jackets for 30 years?
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That would be them
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Just a way for members of some subcultures to identify each other.

If you like ska (for example), and you want other people who like ska to know that you also like ska, then go ahead and stick a Toasters pin on your scally cap, rudie.
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I have two pins on my jacket. One is from my university, and M for Michigan. The other is the cliche'd "I am loved." Why I have the M, well I never took it off from when I went back home for a weekend. The "I am loved" is just a way to keep the thought of my girlfriend with me whenever I wear the jacket.
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i've got a few vintage buttons that i never do anything with. whenever i stick on a lapel or jacket, i feel like i am trying too hard. and when i stick 'em on a bag or something, i get stabbed constantly. my favorites in my "collection": -blondie is a group -kraftwerk -disks travel in packs -i am a resistor -d.i.y.
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Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife
-blondie is a group

i scored a original "blondie is a group" shirt at a salvation army a few years back. i only wear it skating or raking leaves because of the "trying too hard" factor mentioned above but it was still an awesome find none the less. it's a size large and fit me like a small.

as someone who has amassed a collection of hundreds of pins and badges over the years from working with bands, i rarely ever seriously put them on an article of clothing. makes me feel like robert downey jr. circa 1984.
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The only ones I have said good, when I went to the magazine laucnh party. I sort of like the message. Oh, I don't wear them.
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I have a few of my friend's band, and other bands who I really dig. Nothing punk, emo or faux-indie though. They're pinned to my messenger bag strap.
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